WFH Diaries Leaders of Tomorrow: Ep 10 ft Vrushali Thakur

Vrushali Thakur

For Vrushali Thakur, Senior Business Executive, Hyperspace, working from home was always a dream only until it becomes a reality.

“I always thought that while working from home I can save up on my travelling time and invest it in pursuing some hobbies. However, two days into the lockdown and I started missing work from office,” shares Vrushali Thakur, Senior Business Executive, Hyperspace. The episode 10 of WFH Diaries Leaders of Tomorrow gives a glimpse into her WFH routine and learnings.

Just like many of us, it took quite a few days for Thakur to adjust to the new normal and the new working norms. “As an agency, I believe we should stay connected to our clients to bring value to our businesses. During the pandemic, everyone was struggling to stay afloat and subjected to rejections. Nevertheless, this situation made me stronger and I am happy to see that my hard work has started paying off,” she exclaims.

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Thakur is also thankful to her team, colleagues, and the company for their constant support and motivation.

“We always keep worrying about what will happen tomorrow and about the future rather you should transform those thoughts to the present and something that makes you happier,” she asserts.

Watch the video to know her thoughts on pursuing kitchen and bartan duties while working from home and managing work.