YouTube Music improves playlists with new updates

Paawan Sunam
New Update
YouTube Music playlists

YouTube Music has enhanced playlists with new product features such as Assistive playlists, personalized mixes, and more.

The new updates by YouTube Music are an attempt to advance the user experience of creating playlists, discovering new songs, and building a customized library.

Assistive Playlists

When a user has created a playlist, and wants to add more similar songs but hasn't discovered any, assistive playlists can suggest relevant songs based on indications such as playlist name, existing songs, and user listening history.

The playlist doesn't require existing songs for the feature to work, a playlist name can signal suggestions too. While editing the playlist a user will see up to seven suggestions, they can hit refresh to see more.

YouTube Music playlists

Collaborative Playlists

The feature enables users to create, sort, add to, edit, and share playlists with other users. Users can add collaborators to a playlist, who can make these changes to a playlist.

To add a collaborator:

  1. Tap the pencil icon to Edit the playlist
  2. Select Collaborate
  3. Select Collaborators can add songs and videos
  4. Invite collaborators to your playlist by sharing the link
YouTube Music playlists

Profile Page Playlists

Users can browse through other public playlists and music videos uploaded from a profile page on YouTube Music, to discover playlists with similar tastes to explore new genres. Click on the playlist creator’s username on the playlist page, to view a user's profile.

YouTube Music playlists

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Mixed For You

Mixed For You is a section of personalized playlists that YouTube Music creates based on a user's listening history, and also features remixes, and versions of frequently heard songs.

YouTube Music playlists

Discover Mix

Features new artists or songs that YouTube Music thinks you'd like, and the mix is updated weekly.

New Release Mix

Latest releases from users' favorite and similar artists.

Your Mix

Your Mix is based on users' listening habits, along with similar recommendations, and is frequently updated.

Liked Songs

Hitting the Like button on a song will save it to this playlist.

Moods & Genres

Users can find songs based on their mood or a genre in the Explore tab, along with programmed playlists such as 'The Hit Playlist', 'On Everything', and more from the extensive catalog.

YouTube Music playlists

Some of the updates by YouTube Music like Assistive Playlist and Recommendations seem to be similar to the existing music providing apps. Daily Mix by Spotify & Release Radar and Mixed For You & New Release Mix by YouTube Music are fairly alike. Thus the new features might not be the game-changer for listeners but will enhance the user experience.

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