Burger King Campaigns bringing the Halloween spirit to life

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Burger King Halloween

Burger King did more than carving pumpkins and lighting bonfires - they brought back the dead, turned outlets into haunted attractions, and drowned their campaigns into the Halloween phantom.

Burger King Halloween campaigns have been ingenious as to fusing outdoor experiences and activations with social media amplification and digital campaigns, while tapping tricks on its consumers and arch-rival and treats of free whoppers.

Scream Whopper remains to be one of the most inventive Burger King Halloween campaigns, the King rested royally to the consumers and let them do the scaring in exchange for a reward.

The brand collaborated with Instagram and launched a scare cam filter, that consumers would use to record them scaring their peers and measuring the scream levels. The bigger the scream, the bigger the reward.

Along with screams, fake blood is another traditional aspect of Halloween. But with 'The Bloodiest Halloween' Burger King picked up an initiative to support a cause for people who need real blood.

The brand teamed up with Red Cross and extended an offer of getting a free whopper for people who donate blood at a Burger King outlet. Consumers supporting the initiative were also encouraged to share the cause on social media with a picture of them with a campaign-themed bandage.

The integrated campaign supported with outdoor billboards and static advertisements was created by Miami Ad School.

The brand takes Halloween quite seriously and has also gone as far as attempting to communicate with ghosts for a campaign.

You might have seen several F&B brands carrying out taste tests for campaigns, but never with ghosts. The brand teamed up with Riz Mirza, a psychic medium, and a trance channel, to perform a taste test on their Ghost Whopper.

The feud between the King & the Clown also revives with a few of the brand's Halloween campaigns. Burger King never misses a chance to put a frown on the golden arches.

With #ScaryClownNight, the brand offered a free whopper to everyone showing dressed as a clown, and with #TheScariestBK they took it a step further, or rather a dig deeper.

#TheScariestBK by David The Agency, an outdoor execution of a Burger King outlet dressed as McDonald's or Halloween turned into a hot social media topic and received coverage from publishers such as Time, Vice, Bloomberg, Fortune, and more, and was also a topic of discussion on several TV shows.

The campaign gained more than two billion impressions, 1000+ Tweets per hour on the first day of launch itself, all in all resulting in an estimate of $11 million USD, and a 488% increase in brand " target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener" aria-label="mentions (opens in a new tab)">mentions.

More campaigns by Burger King brought the Halloween spirit alive.

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