Case Study: How Coco Soul’s lockdown campaign created organic reach

CoCo Soul

Coco Soul lockdown campaign leveraged the need for a strong immune system, especially in the times of a pandemic and attempted to create engagement through an influencer outreach approach.

With an aim to boost awareness around their newest offering CoCo Soul, and its various health benefits Marico rolled out #PassTheCocoSoul campaign during the lockdown.

Category Introduction

At present, the average consumption of edible oils in India is roughly 23 million tonnes and this figure is expected to rise to a figure of 34 million tonnes by 2030. The global cold-pressed oil market size was valued at $24.62 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.3% to reach $36.40 billion by 2026. This growth can be attributed to the influx of new entrants and the reception this category has garnered from consumers at large.

Brand Introduction

Marico Limited recently launched a range of vegan gourmet products under the brand name ‘Coco Soul’. This includes 100% Organic virgin coconut oil, 100% Natural virgin coconut oil, and 100% Natural Infused variants of cold-pressed virgin coconut oil and Coco Soul Foods which include Coconut Spreads, Coconut Chips, and 100% Organic Coconut Sugar; all made using coconut.

With the Coco Soul range, the brand hopes to educate consumers about the numerous benefits that include brain development, improvement of digestive health, regulation of metabolism, and more from coconuts.


The campaign was strategized and executed by 1702 digital. Its aim was to increase awareness for CocoSoul Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil and highlight its natural immunity boosting ability. The campaign called #PassTheCocoSoul challenge communicated the product offerings in a fun and interactive manner with young influencers from across sectors.

Problem Statement/Objective

With everyone worried about their Immunity, there was an increase in the consumption of products containing Vitamin C and other supplements that boost immunity. Coco Soul Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil is medically proven to boost immunity naturally.

The objective of this campaign was to highlight how one can easily boost their immunity by just changing their cooking oil.


With the pandemic making its way throughout the nation, Coco Soul wanted to create awareness about the immunity-boosting benefits one can get with Coco Soul Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil.

Creative Idea

As the first wave of lockdown advanced across the country, people started caring more about their health and immunity and looked to the internet to provide answers to all of their doubts. The brand decided to leverage this interest and focus their messaging on the immunity-boosting benefits of Coco Soul in a fun and engaging manner. Since social media challenges trended heavily during lockdown they hopped on to the trend to share Coco Soul’s Immunity messaging.

They chose to do so by connecting various influencers from different backgrounds like Fitness, Lifestyle, Food, Health & Nutrition for a non-stop 30-day activity. Each influencer created a 10 seconds video to show the active lifestyle that comes with a strong immune system, with Coco Soul. The focus was on creating a chain of algorithms on social media channels for the brand to reach different segments of markets, thereby maximizing the reach potential and conversion rate.


When it comes to health it requires convincing to try a new product. Our main aim was to direct people to our page where they can find a series of posts that focus just on health and immunity.


A group of 40 influencers was divided into groups of 4 for the 30-day event. The campaign was named the #passthecocosoulchallenge. Set in the style of the Pass the brush challenge popularized on TikTok, this challenge saw influencers passing the bottle of Coco Soul with each other to create awareness about the challenge.

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The 15 seconders by each influencer focussed on a transformation from a lazy at home to active at the home glow. They described their experience with Coco Soul, mentioned the Immunity boost through captions and quotes that were incorporated into their stories and posts on Instagram. Other influencers were tagged to enhance the reach of the campaign organically.


Within the first week of launching the campaign, CocoSoul had reached 16,000+ users organically. By week 4, these numbers grew substantially, reaching 0.1 million views. This led to a record of organic engagement of 11.50%, with awareness analytics across metro cities and a few prominent Tier II & Tier III cities too.

CMO/Creative Director Quotes

Commenting on the campaign, Sampanna Kagalkar, Marketing manager for Coco Soul said, ” This #Passthecocosoulchallenge campaign was really effective and apt during the lockdown. Coco Soul which is always hinged on its natural goodness has immense immunity-boosting benefits that were to be brought in conversation organically. With this campaign, the product seamlessly transcended into segments like Fitness, Lifestyle, Food, Health & Nutrition. This led to a stream of conversations across the country reaching out to the relevant audiences and creating higher credible engagement.”

“The influencers we tied up with had the appeal towards the relevant digital segments. This helped us see a definite increase in engagements, views, and impressions,” said Pranay Bhan, Associate Creative Director,1702 Digital.