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Internet Day brand posts

Browse through the network of Internet Day brand posts that transmit appreciation for the important human invention.

The importance of the internet was boosted with the pandemic, and the brand posts celebrating the day of the first internet transmission project how far we've come.

The first human landing on the moon was not the only significant milestone for humans in the year 1969, the remote connection between two computers or the internet as its popularly known was also achieved a few months later on October 29, 1969.

The favourite essay topic for opining if it's a boon or a curse, then also moulded a double-edged sword called social media. The internet has enabled several experiences and activities, and the brand posts today focus on the boon.

The brand creatives show gratitude for the invention, open windows for each time it acted as a facilitator, compare the times we've lived through without and within it, and much more.

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Reliance Jio

Red Indies

Vivo India


Morris Garages India



Mumbai Police


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