Facebook Messenger gets redesigned with new features

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Facebook Messenger

Along with the new visual interface, Facebook Messenger now has more personalization features such as custom reactions, chat themes, and more.

The Facebook Messenger redesign will also host the recently rolled out updates such as integration with Instagram and the new feature of Watch Together, a way to view videos with friends and family, these features.

Messenger Rooms, which lets a host create a room for video communication and invite users with a shareable link and control who can join, has also been integrated here. Messenger will soon enable conversations on Oculus, as it does on Portal.

Messenger also has a new logo and default chat color, more features like selfie stickers and vanish mode will also be added soon.

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Facebook Messenger

The recent integration of Messenger with Instagram enables communication across apps, people using the Messenger app can now reach users on Instagram. Users can also control where they receive messages and calls, such as in chats, in message requests, or not at all with message controls.

More features such as message effects, stickers, and more would also be available. The redesigned look and the newly added features are intended to substitute real-world interactions.

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