Facebook introduces new products to boost online shopping

Paawan Sunam
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Facebook shopping

The new products are launched by Facebook to mark the onset of the holiday season and boost online shopping with ads with product tags on Instagram, free marketing training, resources, and more.

As more and more consumers turn to online shopping this season and businesses venture into the digital space, the new products are improvements to the recently launched Shops across Facebook platforms.

Ads With Product Tags On Instagram

Advertisers can now boost shoppable posts or create an ad with Product Tags in Ads Manager. Businesses will have more creative flexibility in shaping a post with CTAs in a copy, created from Ads Manager to drive more purchases.

The product tags in the ad will lead the user to a product detail page, users can then go to their website to complete a purchase. US-based businesses that have checkout enabled can directly drive the purchases in-app.

Ads with product tags run in feed or Explore, and the available formats for ads with product tags include photos, videos, and carousels.

New audience tools have also been added across Facebook & Instagram. Businesses can now target users who have shown interest in their products with actions like viewing a shop, savin a product, and more, with Shopping Engagement Custom Audiences. They can also reach users with interests similar to their existing customer base with Shopping Lookalike Audiences.

#Testing: Discount Feature For Facebook Shops

The feature is being tested for Shops in the US. Businesses can enable users to avail discounts on individual products, or by creating offers such as "Spend XX and get X% off on each item, or by applying promo code.

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To set up promotions or discounts:

  • Open Commerce Manager
  • Go to Promotions
  • Click Create New Promotion
  • Indicate the discount that you'll offer and enter the dates and times for your promotion. Click Next
  • Select the products that you want to be part of your promotion. If you haven't created a product set, click Create a new product set to go to Catalogue Manager and create one. Click Next
  • Tag the products that are part of your promotion in your Instagram posts or stories, or manually add them with the Add Product button in the Instagram app. If you don't tag your products, buyers won't see them on Instagram
  • Enter a name for your promotion that you want people to see. Optionally, you can use an internal name that people can't see
  • Review your promotion and make any changes. This is how your promotion will appear to buyers. When you've finished, click Publish Promotion

Season of Support

Facebook has launched 'Season Of Support', a hub of resources, insights, and free training programs in marketing. It is a part of the Boost With Facebook initiative.

The program also has courses designed for the holiday season, and insights from experts, and more customized resources.