Infographic: How to manage a negative review on social media

social media negative review

The exposure a brand gets on social media is a double-edged sword, while users can appreciate a product or a service, they can also leave a negative review. This infographic will help you deal with it.

There is no running away from a negative review, each brand or business will come across them irrespective of the standards of their products or service, especially on social media where they can reach out publicly.

Since the satisfaction with a service is subjective along with happy consumers you may also get sad or angry consumers who might vent off in the comments section or with a Tweet.

social media negative review

Leaving a negative review unattended is an option but not recommended, since that will only leave your followers with a perception that you do not care about your consumers or their experience, and that your product or service is actually not worth it.

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The infographic below by Housecall Pro provides tips and a template to deal with negative reviews, and also tips for how not to respond. It is also recommended to take the conversation offline or to private DMs once you have publicly addressed it.

Managing a negative review on social media has several perks, along with gaining the agitated consumer’s trust that you won’t leave them hanging, you also put forth a positive and accountable image of your brand, establishing that the relationship of your brand with the consumer doesn’t end with the purchase, but starts with it.

social media negative review