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Social media automation

Social media automation is a boon for managing a brand's presence that is often a time-consuming task, this infographic will help you do it effectively.

Social media automation is primarily useful for optimizing productivity, managing the presence on multiple platforms simultaneously, and optimizing social interactions.

Although, scheduling posts for the future, using templates for conversations with followers, and more of such tactics and tools for automation of tasks can reduce manual work but also turn out robotic or be wrongly timed.

With the fast-paced speed of the turn of events on social media what was supposed to do wonders for your brand can also harm the image. A simple Google search will reveal how AI sometimes cannot sense the tone and ends up giving the wrong answer to the wrong question. For example: replying with the Thank You template when the consumer is actually making a complain in a sarcastic tone.

The key is finding the right balance between automation and manual. Your brand would still need to be human to connect with your followers.

Blog2Social has collated few tips such as the 5-3-2 rule about interacting with the audience personally, and more to use social media automation effectively, and use it to the fullest but not too much.

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Social media automation
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