Outbrain Webinar on How to Maximise Flash Sale Revenue

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Outbrain Webinar

Learn all you need to know about this year's festive season and how to prepare for it with an appropriate advertising strategy in the upcoming Outbrain Webinar.

Even as the country grapples to come to terms with phased unlocking in various cities, the festive season is fast approaching. This year, digital will be more in focus for brands than ever before as they try to convert leads into sales. In an attempt to demystify flash sales and make the most of the possibilities they present in regard to maximising revenue, Outbrain, a discovery and native advertising platform, is organizing a webinar. 

Presented by Yashad Kirtane, Senior Account Strategist, Outbrain, the free webinar will dwell on the expected consumer shopping patterns for 2020. The focus of the discussion will be on the impact of the ongoing pandemic on the shopping habits of consumers. It is expected for people to indulge in leisure shopping as their needs and desire to shop for new things return. The joy of having survived to be at home for months at a stretch is bound to make them shop more.

The session will help attendees prepare their sale season advertisements against the backdrop of the pandemic. Setting the context of the communication in line with e-commerce business goals and positioning themselves accordingly will be key for marketers as they try to make the most of the upcoming season. The Outbrain Webinar will help attendees in doing so as they prepare for the upcoming festive season. 

You can watch the webinar here.

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