Pinterest introduces new merchant tools to boost sales

Paawan Sunam
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Pinterest merchant tools

The new Pinterest merchant tools include a new storefront profile, faster Catalogs feed ingestion, collections as a shopping ad format, video for collections, automatic bidding, conversion insights and analysis, and an improved product tagging test.

The platform mentions, users engaging with shopping surfaces on Pinterest has grown over 85% in the past six months. The new Pinterest merchant tools are intended to make the most of this opportunity during the upcoming holiday season and beyond.

Merchant Storefront Profile

An updated profile enables merchants to transform their shop tab into a storefront with featured in-stock products organized by category, featured product groups, and dynamically-created recommendations. 

Additionally, when users search for shopping-related ideas on Pinterest, they’ll see recommended merchants based on the product category.

Product Tagging

Pinterest is testing an improved product tagging tool that gives merchants the ability to tag their own scene images with exact products. The update aims to make it more seamless for shoppers to shop from a scene to make that inspiration a reality.

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The updated catalogs have a more intuitive interface so it’s easier to become a merchant on Pinterest. It’s now quicker and simpler for merchants to upload their catalogs and activate shopping ads, with faster Catalog feed ingestion, video as the main image in collections, collections as a new shopping ad format, and a new preferred scheduling tool that lets retailers upload all products to Pinterest on their own time.

Pinterest is bringing Catalogs and collections together to make collections a shopping ad format. As part of this update, brands can now also select a main asset and a corresponding product group to create a multi-image ad unit. Additionally, the platform is launching the option to use video as a hero in a Collections ad unit to further tell a brand story. 

Automatic Bidding For Shopping

Now, retailers can maximize their budget without constantly checking their buy. Automatic bidding for shopping means advertisers can dynamically adjust an ad group’s bid to aim for the maximum number of results.

Conversion Analysis

With new updates, retailers can see how consumers are completing their path to purchase - all summarized in a familiar funnel - in the visualizations tool. Follow customers’ purchase journey and compare multiple attribution views to prove impact. 

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