How to use Quora to drive Full Funnel marketing

Social Samosa
Oct 13, 2020 11:16 IST
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Quora Full Funnel Marketing

Using the various Quora For Business solutions, brands and advertisers can drive conversations through Full Funnel marketing on the platform, here’s how.

The journey to woo your customers starts with creating awareness. Then, it moves towards getting people to feel interested in the product and eventually get them to buy the product. The inherent advantage of Quora through the different stages of Full Funnel marketing is how people on the platform are already seeking information. All the brand and/or advertiser has to do is reel them in further and through the bottom of the funnel.

In a fireside conversation with Social Samosa, Shibu Shivanandan, Founder & MD at Pivotroots, and Gurmit Singh, General Manager, APAC for Quora discuss how an all-encompassing strategy should be deployed keeping all stages of the funnel in mind while approaching digital. 

"If you keep doing the bottom of the funnel, at some point you are going to hit the roadblock. That is when you need to use different platforms to make sure you are building awareness through which you can move people to the consideration set. In the last few years, there has been a tremendous change in the way planners approach digital. There used to be a lot of media buying, now I see a lot more of audience buying," explained Shibu Shivanandan, Founder & MD at Pivotroots. 

The conversation was steered by Gurmit Singh, who spoke about the various stages of Full Funnel marketing and how digital can be leveraged through the journey instead of just the mid and bottom of the funnel. 

Objectives at every stage of the funnel can be achieved on Quora with consistent efforts, supplemented by their advertising solutions, explain Quora Evangelists Garima Sharma and Harpreet Multani.

Three key advertising solutions available on Quora include Text and Image ads, Promoted Answers and Business Profiles + Promoted Answers. A combination of these can be used by brands and advertisers to engage with consumers. 

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The three primary stages of Full Funnel marketing are Awareness, Consideration and Conversion, the duo explain. When these are looked at from the lens of Quora, the first stage is reaching audiences when they are reading about the brand or category in question. Then, the conversation shifts to engaging with them around deeper aspects of what they wish to know about you. The last stage, through advocacy and influence, revolves around helping audiences through the decision-making process. 

Finance, Banking, Insurance, Education, Software & Applications, B2B, Entertainment, Health, Technology and Gaming are some of the most popular topic areas on Quora. In the session, Garima explains how brands that fall under these categories are best suited to make the most of their advertising solutions. 

On the part of brands, the process begins with joining the conversation to share knowledge. It leads them to engage with a high-intent audience and eventually establish themselves as a thought leader to enhance trust and reputation for their brand.

Explaining the different advertising solutions brands should look into while planning Full Funnel marketing on Quora, Harpreet explains the importance of Topics & Interests during the Awareness stage, Topic, Interests and Lookalikes for Consideration and Audiences, Questions and Topics for the Conversion stage. 

You can watch the entire session here:

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