[Download] How can agencies use data to navigate the new normal?


In a recently released report, Talkwalker lists the various ways in which agencies can use data to create efficient campaigns that would be relevant and relatable for the consumers in the new normal. 

When decisions are based on facts and data, they can be defended, tweaked and measured. This holds even when the metrics are about apparently intangible things such as emotions. A new Talkwalker report takes a look at how agencies can use the data available with them to make sound decisions. It also stresses on the importance of sensitivity, awareness and the ability to rapidly respond to emerging situations while designing communication and campaigns for brands. 

One of the most important aspects of research in the new normal would be security. When an agency presents a creative to the brand with ample data points to support their idea and help them visualise the impact and success of the campaign, the piece would likely get approval with ease. Data helps people get a sense of security and peace of mind. This would be paramount in the new normal for brands would be extra careful about every of investment being made by them. 

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There are several indicators to show the rise of a remote economy, which comes with plenty of chances for ideate and deliver unique and powerful messages. This is where agencies will find themselves with new opportunities where they can leverage data to tell stories. However, they will have to do so with utmost care as people are vigilant about their consumption patterns as well as the communications put forth by the brands. This is bound to trickle down to the way agencies function and create content. 

You can download the report here:

Talkwalker Industry Report