WFH Diaries Leaders of Tomorrow: Ep 25 ft Anaida Sen

Sneha Yadav
Oct 13, 2020 08:19 IST
Anaida Sen

Fulfilling the responsibilities of a Senior Copywriter at MagicCircle Communications while working from home, Anaida Sen feels that she has become a better multitasker now.

"The person who has made my WFH life extremely comfortable and very easy is my gorgeous, lovely Nani. She takes care of all my needs and never lets me leave the room in case I want to," exclaims Anaida Sen, Sr.Copwriter, MagicCircle Communications. Further, she adds, "I feel bad because sometimes I end up scolding her when I am on a call but she always has the sweetest answer ready with her which is – mute karlo."

It won't be wrong to say that it is an ultimate solution we have nowadays– kuch bhi karna hai mute karlo. While giving us a tour of her WFH station with blaring music in the background, Sen quips that her room is mostly filled with books and she takes pride in sharing with us that she has read them all. Apart from spending her workday in the company of books and good music, Sen destresses herself by playing the Ukulele.

"Then I have my essentials with me all the time, speakers and a bottle of water –continuously reminding me to hydrate and have less of coffee. I also do make it a point to use my yoga mat daily for at least 20 minutes if nothing," she adds.

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The best bit of WFH phase for Sen has been that she has ended up saving a lot of money. "I have never seen such a balance in my account and I love it. I can't wait to splurge on my next trip," she laughs.

Secondly, her entire routine has reversed. She wakes up early and the me-time that she needs for herself is reserved in the morning. Sen says, "If I have to watch Netflix or scroll through Instagram, I avoid doing it at night which has been a very healthy thing for me to do."

Watch the video to know more about her WFH stints and why she thinks the phase has improved her work quality along with the speed.

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