WFH Diaries Leaders of Tomorrow: Episode 27 ft Shelly Sam

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Shelly Sam

Zirca Digital Solutions’ Shelly Sam shares a quick glimpse into his work from home routine, sharing how he will always miss working from an office but doesn't mind the perks the current set up offers. PS: working in his shorts is one of them.

“If I had to choose between WFH and working from an office, I would definitely choose the latter,” says  Shelly Sam, Lead, Account Management - West and South India at Zirca Digital Solutions. The thing that he misses the most about working from the office is definitely the people. “I miss chilling with them. Apart from that on a professional front, it’s a big difference when you ideate on a breakout room with your colleague’s v/s doing in a virtual room,” he feels.

However, the best part of working from home, according to him has to be the comfort by which he means - you can work in a single pair of shorts and T-shirts for days. Sam shares that he is not someone who likes to dress formally. Secondly, WFH gives you the leeway to work around your own schedule so that we can not only manage his professional work but dabble into a bit of housework too.

I consider myself a night owl that basically means I am not an early riser. I try to start somewhere around 9.30 AM and quickly freshen up to grab a cup of coffee. Quick calls with my team help me organize my day. Post which begins a series of calls with clients and internal departments,” he adds.

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Talking about the work timings and schedules, Sam reiterates that on a relaxing day, he logs out at around 6-6.30 PM, and on busier days the work hours extend till 9-10 PM.  

He further shares, “After

that begins my homework and by that I mean jhaadu-pocha.

Then I sort of kick-in and relax, watch a game of FIFA with my friends or watch

a football match. I am a big football fan and either watching or playing it

helps me relax.”

One of the things that drive Sam at work is the appreciation that he gets from his colleagues and seniors.

Watch the video to know how amid team planning and strategizing for clients to achieve their KPIs, Sam tries to excel in some homework too.  

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