#WFHDiaries I miss people the most, says Priti Murthy, OMD

Priti Murthy

WFH Diaries featuring OMD India’s Priti Murthy takes us through her lockdown learnings and adopting a ‘scheduled routine’ in the new normal.

Describing her lockdown days and the current situation, Priti Murthy, CEO, OMD is quick to share that she misses having people around the most. “Those chance conversations, for instance, bump into somebody and just ask- ‘Hey, how was the meeting, what’s happening in this campaign, the sudden plans. I miss them”, she says.

Further, she notes that it’s a new reality and hence it’s important to pack a new routine that helps sail this journey through.  “I also miss stepping out for a sip of coffee and sit in a coffee shop,” Murthy prompts. Hence, the Murthy family has also set up a corner in their house where everyone huddles up to unwind and relax.

When it comes to coordinating with teams while social distancing, she, like most of us is thankful for all the online tools that have made it possible. “During the work calls, what we ensure is we see each other’s faces when the call begins or before it ends. Another big thing is being presentable- you might be in a T-shirt, kurta, or kaftans at home but make it look formal, basic, and clean. So its good fun and a different way of looking at things we have learned in a very different manner,” Murthy adds.

OMD had a very busy lockdown. The first few months became business as usual and they all managed the initial days of shock. She further informs that the teams also worked with many brands to launch new product lines and prepared ourselves to come back to normalcy as the unlock happened.

Meanwhile, the biggest challenge for the industry, according to her, is the revival of the economy. She states that our GDP trends are clearly reflecting what the industry is going through and we are all dependent on how we will tap into the growth journey.

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“We are also regrouping and launching new legs in media and strengthening our eCommerce so that our clients see value in our business” she highlights.

On the consumer front, Murthy thinks there have been a few different shifts in the behavior depending on the demographic like age group and gender. She adds, “Consumers are definitely cautious they weren’t purchasing in the early days of the lockdown because they weren’t sure how things might turn out. But with the resurgence of eCommerce, shopping has not only resumed but has also become much easier than before. Social media-based recommendations, product research, has also seen a lot of growth. So while consumers are still careful about spending, digital media has helped prolifically.”

Watch the full video here to know more about her lockdown learnings and industry trends.