Case Study: How Insurance Samadhan created brand awareness through a regional content approach

Insurance Samadhan

With the purpose of driving brand awareness, Insurance
Samadhan partnered with Nukkad by STAGE to launch a content marketing campaign shedding light on mis-selling and fraud.

The case study evaluates the campaign execution and performance by Insurance grievance redressal platform, Insurance Samadhan, and Nukkad by STAGE to drive awareness and educate the consumers against incorrect information and fraudulent services.

Category Introduction

As per ibef, the overall insurance industry is expected to reach US$ 280 billion by 2020. The life insurance industry in the country is expected to increase by 14-15 percent annually for the next three to five years. Demographic factors such as growing middle class, young insurable population, and growing awareness of the need for protection and retirement planning will support the growth of Indian life insurance.

Brand Introduction

Insurance Samadhan is a technology-enabled insurance grievance redressal platform solving for policyholders who experience mis-selling, fraud, or claim rejection in health, life, or General Insurance.

Nukkad by STAGE is a professionally-generated infotainment platform. It is inspired by everyday conversations of Bharatwasis that often happen at local tea stalls, community meetings, street corners and creates content in the form of fictional character-led shows under entertainment, politics, health, fake news, tech, culture, sports, lifestyle, and even finance.


Functioning in an industry that mostly communicates with consumers with regards to selling a policy and paying premiums, Insurance Samadhan wanted to build conversations around difficult experiences consumers go through because of a false promise, fraud, or incorrect information and ultimately create awareness and educate people about a samadhan (solution) for their woes.

Problem Statement/Objective

The objective was two-fold:

  1. Business Driven: Generating leads, New user/case registrations, customer feedback generation, driving users to the website ultimately leading to increased adoption
  2. Brand Reach: Increase brand awareness, educating consumers, and deep understanding of the offering


Drive consumer engagement, awareness, user acquisition, and adoption, establishing Insurance Samadhan as the most trusted insurance grievance redressal platform.

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Creative Idea

Nukkad by STAGE’s approach was to deeply integrate Insurance Samadhan’s key offerings into the weekly show on financial literacy – ‘P Bole Toh Paisa’ where the host simplified the complex topic of insurance and the ways to tackle grievances through a one month campaign including in-built original content.


  1. To deliver a serious topic in an informative yet engaging manner
  2. Build for the millennial audience – short attention span and delivered a plethora of content across social media platforms


Nukkad by STAGE designed the month-long, 4-episode weekly show to:

  • Acknowledgment of grievances – Laying down the problem statement: The first episode seeded the conversation on misselling and fraud. It encouraged them to share their stories ultimately driving the user to state the problem statement and introduce Insurance Samadhan

  • Establishing brand credibility and trust: This episode featured real-life stories of users who faced insurance grievances and were offered a solution by Insurance Samadhan, thus, helping establish build brand credibility and educating customers
  • Integrating current offerings: Built-in Insurance Samadhan’s Covid offering designed to help in times of need into the episode

  • Lasting impact: Final episode was designed to establish Insurance Samadhan as go-to in case of Claim Rejection

All episodes were followed by-polls to collect customer feedback that further enabled Insurance Samadhan to customize their offerings.



The campaign drove conversations around issues users face with their insurance providers and busting several myths.

  • Nukkad by STAGE enabled Insurance Samadhan to land on a 5 point problem statement shared directly by users
  • 74.5% audience engaged belonged to the 30+ Age Group and key demographics – Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Bihar, Haryana, and Punjab are the top states respectively


  1. 300+ new leads generated and 120+ cases registered. A total claim of 1 Cr+ registered on the platform
  2. Initiated engaging conversations amongst users and Insurance Samadhan across the campaign – 1 Cr+ (10,738,128) reach, 44 lakh+ (44,59,760) views and 50K+ (50,093) engagement
  3. Witnessed close to 4450 poll engagements and 46,000 link clicks on the landing page


Vinay Singhal, Co-Founder, and CEO, STAGE says, “At STAGE, we strongly believe that there is a Bharat in every metro and India in every small town. Hence, our approach to content marketing believes in striking a chord with consumers via deep conversations and adding real value to their everyday lives. We go beyond the traditional ways of building brand recall and integrate client’s messaging deep into our content that helps users remember the brand amidst a plethora of content he is exposed to via multiple platforms. For Insurance Samadhan, we were able to deliver not just increased brand awareness but also impact business metrics and drive user acquisition.”

Deepak Bhuvneshwari Uniyal, Co-Founder, Insurance Samadhan, said, “I thank the team for a fabulous and successful campaign. Right from the ideation stage, they worked very closely with us and built a very innovative campaign that not only helped us build the brand but also enabled customer acquisition. They are a very passionate team and I look forward to creating such great campaigns with them in the future.”