Infographic: The path to building online trust

infographic trust

Trust has become the most essential factor for online businesses in the face of the pandemic, this infographic takes you through elements that will help ensure the consumers can become assertive towards your brand.

Trust has always been a significant factor, but with the consumer being apprehensive in taking each calculated step, it needs to be catered to and the infographic will tell you how.

The outbreak has forced shut several traditional retail stores and physical outlets, and several remain open but with minimal or no footfall caused by the anxious safety concerns of consumers.

During these uncertain times, communicating certainty becomes the core narrative. The consumer needs to be certain about the safety, standard of quality, customer support, and all the factors that run through their mind before tapping ‘Buy Now’.

E-Commerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, and more have built an established presence, and a consumer may not think hard before making a purchase through them, but it may not be the same case for a business that has recently moved online or the consumer has never heard of before.

The infographic below compiled by MindJumpers highlights consumer concerns and tactics that can be harnessed through social media platforms.

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infographic trust