Infographic: Psychological Factors affecting brand awareness and trust

psychological factors

This infographic will apprise you about the psychological factors that leave an impact on the consumers, to predict preferences, build an effective social media strategy, and lead the consumer to the path to purchase.

Psychological factors can influence consumers in a positive or negative way. Consequently, it is not just important to be fully aware of them to create a positive impact, but also to not put out an unmerited image unknowingly, while raising brand awareness.

Characteristics as simple as the brand color palette, response to the consumer on a social media post, how secure a consumer feels while transacting with your brand, affect the sales process.

Building your social media strategy on the basis of the aspects listed in the infographic would enable effective conversion.

The factors highlighted are generalized and will help you kick-off the process, but you’d have to work according to your target audience, industry, and brand tonality. You can also zero in on the focus areas that are most relevant to you, or adapt each tip, or experiment with the guidelines.

Go through the infographic by Crestline to know more about how you can build trust & raise brand awareness.

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psychological factors