Inside: Making of Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan - Fundamentals of creating a long-distance campaign

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Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan

With the cricketers featured in the campaign based in Dubai for the league and DeepVeer shooting for the first time post lockdown, Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan's comeback was a long-distance campaign shot virtually with the use of VFX. We going behind the scenes.

“Four years ago, when we first introduced the Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan tune, a unique selling point was set in place,” recalls Aditya Bhat, Head, Jio Creative Labs. The 2020 version of the campaign marked the launch of Jio Fiber in India and throws light on how it aims to revolutionize every user’s daily life. The commercial runs over the reproduced track that celebrates both – Jio Fiber and IPL.

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone, come together with 20 cricketers from across IPL teams and a few digital celebrities grooving to the tunes of Dhan Dhana Dhan in the campaign.


Why Revive ‘Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan’

In the first two years of its association with IPL, even though JIO was not the title sponsor of the league, GroupM surveyed brand recall and JIO was placed as one of the most recalled brands during league.

Seeing big names such as MS Dhoni & Virat Kohli, dance was a special differentiator that reportedly gave the campaign an edge.


Aditya Bhat shares, “Thus, it was seen that the campaign had worked and people could identify it. The feedback we got in the initial year was extremely positive which pointed out how people of all ages, as well as A-list cricketers, were enjoying the tune. This acclamation encouraged us to take the thought process forward this year, our fourth year with the IPL. And hence we recreated Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan in a newer avatar.”  

The Big Brief

This year there was a very clear brand brief - launching Jio Fiber. While the last three years focused more on reminding and reinforcing the brand among the audience, this year the objective was straightforward, launching Jio Fiber in an interesting way.

Another thing that the brief entailed was that the campaign launch should stay true to the current environment during the pandemic. Thus the thought process was how Jio helped its users in the pandemic by keeping them entertained at home, enabled them to work from home, shop from the comfort of their homes, and also kept them connected with the loved ones via audio and video calling.

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The DeepVeer Phenomenon

When we quizzed him about the thought behind roping in the power couple, Bhat shares, “We had thrown a party that Deepika had attended. She was already a part of the Jio Family from 2018 onwards. This year, as she is married to Ranveer, roping him in the campaign was an extension of our ‘enjoying from the boundaries of our own home’ thought. Collaborating with them worked really well because it was a perfect balance of glamour and vigor.”

While Deepika added the glitz, Ranveer added the much-needed energy. “Ranveer was extremely enthusiastic and excited to come on board. He thought it was a great idea and was really eager to join in. For Deepika, she had already been a part of Dhan Dhana Dhan so it was a Deja vu of sorts for her,” exclaims Bhat.

Further, he also highlights that there was great chemistry, great camaraderie, and obviously electrifying energy on the set, shooting with the celebrity couple.

The Making

The campaign was put together in about 2 week’s time. “We strategically showed relatable pandemic

scenarios using popular names to cover & communicate with different target

audiences. So we made sure that apart from personalities cricketer &

Bollywood, which I believe are two of India’s biggest religions, we also use

celebrities from the television and digital space to have a complete campaign

which depicts people from all walks of life,” asserts Bhat.

While ideating, the teams had to ensure that the pandemic situation is considered at all times because the campaign wouldn’t have made sense if it showed random people dancing outdoors. “There wouldn't have been any current connection and relatability. In addition to this, since Jio Fiber is also a product you would use indoors, at a home specifically, showing a housing colony was a lucrative option,” he says.

One of the biggest challenges while executing the campaign that the team faced was that they had to shoot in the times of COVID-19. It was also the first time that Ranveer and Deepika were shooting after their lockdown. Plus, the cricketers were already in Dubai for their pre-season practice which posed a bigger challenge for them to tie the campaign together.

The cricketers were virtually choreographed and directed by the choreographer and director.

Hence a lot of VFX was used - a detailed VFX plan was chalked out to ensure that the set up looked like a uniformed colony.

About the tune, while the

initial tune was retained, the lyrics were written in a way that includes the

Jio Fiber product.

Social Media Play

For the different scenarios showed where families are using Jio Fiber, the brand also collaborated with popular digital and television celebrities who have their fan base and portray an array of age groups and leveraged social media to amplify the message across.

It showed celebrities like Vatsal & Ishita - a real-life couple - talking about health, Rohit Khandelwal - Mister World 2016 - depicting a work from home situation, two television kids who are learning from home, Tanya Hope - a famous actor down South - shopping online, Priyank Sharma - a television and Instagram influencer - YouTube-ing from home, etc.

With over 40 plus edits of the entire campaign, television had Fiber use-case scenarios and 10 & 20-second reminder ads of the song, a large chunk of the campaign was on social media.

The social media amplification included cricketers talking about Fiber, the long format video of the theme song which is one and a half minute and includes Ranveer featuring in a rap.

On the brand’s end objectives

and brief getting reflected in the campaign, Bhat concludes, “The campaign had

to show the endless possibilities that Jio Fiber presents even in ongoing

situations. This is where the idea of showing an artificial colony with

celebrities like Deepika & Ranveer, famous cricketers, and even digital

influencers came in.”

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