Sainsbury's Christmas campaigns that narrated timeless tales

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Sainsbury's Christmas campaigns

Sainsbury's has established a paradigm of compelling Christmas campaigns with optimal use of creative elements such as animation, music, and storytelling.

As one of the largest retailers in the UK, Christmas and the holiday season is an integral part of the year that observes the highest consumer spends, and Sainsbury's leaves no stone unturned to make a mark in the consumers' minds with their Christmas campaigns.

The campaigns are an assorted mix of long-format tales, short & sweet adverts, musical pieces, and animated films, and more.

Mog's Christmas Calamity by BBDO depicts how a calamity brought the community together. Mog is a character created by Judith Kerr, a famed author, and illustrator. The advert progresses as Mog pushes a domino that brings the whole house down on the night before Christmas.

Music as new releases has also been a dominant theme across the brand's Christmas adverts, tapping the traditional popularity of Christmas carols.

Whether it's #EveryBitOfChristmas, a carol/rap song sung by people all over Britain, describing the exciting, festive, embarrassing, or cheesy bits that they love about Christmas; or the 2020 campaign 'Gravy Song', a father-daughter convo turning into a musical piece.

The Big Night, directed by Michael Gracy and created by Wieden + Kennedy, is a rendition of the popular track 'Dreamer's Disease' by New Radicals, performed by the munchkin 'North Star' supported by a flock of children.

Sainsbury's has also depicted a few of the finest period dramas. An anecdote of children burdened with labor and one falsely accused, 'Nicholas The Sweep' is a tale of how Mrs. Sainsbury's made Nicholas' Christmas merry, and how he cheered up the children's Christmas, along with a climaxing surprise at the end.

1914, created by BBDO for Sainsbury's in association with The Royal British Legion, is a historical drama that narrates a true story when both sides of war shared gifts and played football together in no man's land.

More Christmas campaigns narrate some enduring tales.

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Mog’s Christmas Calamity

Nicholas The Sweep

The Big Night

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The Greatest Gift

Gravy Song

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