How John Lewis campaigns became a Christmas tradition

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John Lewis Christmas Campaigns

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas and the winter wonderland is incomplete without John Lewis Christmas Campaigns.

John Lewis & Partners, the chain of high-end department stores, has chained a reel of enchanting campaigns to their name. The season of sweaters, hot chocolate, and romcoms does not begin without the showcase of John Lewis Christmas campaigns.

They have become an intrinsic part of the British Pop Culture to the extent that it even inspires it. The most recent example is their 2019 Christmas campaign - Excitable Edgar. Recently social media has been filled with adaptations of Edgar and inferences to the story amongst several discussions.

People have even bought all the Edgars (soft toys) from John Lewis stores to sell it on eBay for a hiked price. We've also seen several Edgar-inspired artworks, Christmas cards, and T-Shirts. The campaign proved to be the kind of marketing that ought to turn into tangible results.

But the brand's reach doesn't stop at inspiring pop culture. The tens of millions of online views are only a fraction of the brand's total reach. Their media mix is approximately 94% TV.

And their Christmas campaigns result in an £11 profit ROI in every £1 of advertising spend over the Christmas period. The brand's reach has steadily grown in the last decade with an inflated bloom in recent years.

Powerful stories have been the most significant aspect of these adverts. And, caring, the act of giving, animals, fantasies, and aspirations are the strands that shape the stories of these John Lewis Christmas Campaigns.

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Whether it's the animals portrayed as pets or an imaginary friend, the brand's Christmas campaigns never fail to characterize an animal and turn them into a relatable identity. They have almost been a constant wedge throughout the campaigns such as 'Busty The Boxer', 'Monty The Penguin' and 'The Bear & The Hare'.


John Lewis & Partners have collaborated with and featured the music of various prominent artists such as Ellie Goulding, Lily Allen, Tom Odell, and Bastille. The soundtrack of these campaigns present the sweet sound accompanying the season's vibes and complimenting the visuals.

The Bear & The Hare featuring Lily Allen's Somewhere Only We Know prompted 86,300 mentions on Twitter over the weekend of the launch. Around 80% of the tweets lauded the ad, describing it as “cute” and “sweet”, while 5% of tweeters claimed the ad had reduced them to tears. Only 1% of tweets were outright negative about the ad and John Lewis.

The Bear & The Hare

Although Sir Elton John would have to be the headliner and the Christmas advert he featured in 2018 - The Boy & The Piano would have to be the showstopper of this reel.

The Boy & The Piano

Inspired by moments of Sir Elton John's life, the video begins with him striking a few keys. Not only did the video observe tens of millions of views and more than a hundred thousand mentions, but it also won the Visual Effects Society Award for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Commercial. Furthermore, the campaign has turned into a Christmas Classic.

Caring & Giving

As tis' the season of giving and showing your loved ones how much they are cared for, both of emotional expressions are inscribed in all of the John Lewis Christmas Campaigns. Be it 'Man On The Moon', 'The Long Wait', 'Excitable Edgar' or any of their other Christmas campaigns, the brand doesn't fail to imbibe the true positives of human behavior and even inspire it.

Man On The Moon

The Long Wait

Excitable Edgar

Aspirations & Fantasies

The brand's Christmas Campaigns also deliver life lessons with adverts such as Monty The Penguin, Excitable Edgar or the Man On The Moon, imagining the impossible, may inspire the probable.

Dougal Wilson

Dougal Wilson, the Director famous for his meticulous approach and charming touches, has directed five of the iconic Christmas Campaigns out of a total of thirteen. Which includes 'The Long Wait', 'Monty The Penguin', 'Buster The Boxer', 'Excitable Edgar' and more.

Monty The Penguin

Buster The Boxer

Dougal Wilson who has won Gold, Silver and Bronze Lions at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, has also directed several music videos such as 'Life in Technicolor II' for Coldplay.

With the passed time, John Lewis Christmas Campaigns conceived by Adam & Eve/DDB since 2009 have become an annual tradition and a signal of the arrival of the Christmas season.

The Feeling

The Fox and The Mouse

A Tribute To Givers

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