Snapchat allows Public Profiles to show subscriber count

Snapchat Public Profiles

First-time ever, creators and personalities on who have Public Profiles on Snapchat now can enable an option to show their subscriber count on the app.

Since the launch of Public Profiles on Snapchat, the platform has never had the option to show the strength of the community a Profile boasts, until now.

The feature was first spotted by a social media researcher, Mike Metzler. Users have the option to toggle the ‘Show Subscriber Count’ button on or off, to publicly show the numbers (or not).

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In a statement made to The Verge, a Snap spokesperson mentioned, feedback from the creator community, expressing interest in having an option to show that their community on Snapchat is growing.

Subscriber or follower count is considered an important threshold for collaborating with personalities and creators, by marketers. A higher follower count also results in consistent growth until stagnant points are reached.

While Snapchat’s disposition is interaction with friends, the launch of Public Profiles propelled the creators’ community on the platform. The new change would have a further impact on the community, positive for established and rising creators, and negative for up & coming or fresh creators. And also streamline brand collaborations.

Screenshot Credits: Mike Metzler