Snapchat launches ad products & features to drive app installs

Snapchat ad products

Focussing on the growing reliability of consumers on mobile apps, Snapchat has introduced new ad products & features to aid app developers with effective advertising.

The ad products & features include Snap Kits to bring the best of Snapchat features on an app, and ad products and strategies for app advertisers on Snapchat.

Snapchat Features

Creative Kit

Creative Kit is now available to developers, with two main features Stickers, that can be can be applied to Snaps post-capture, and Dynamic Lenses, that provides a way to share variable information, like live scores after leveling up in a game or the local weather, through AR experiences.

Login Kit

The Login Kit is complementary to user acquisition solutions to drive more logins after increasing app installs. Login Kit allows users to use their Snapchat credentials to sign in to the app, and also bring their Bitmoji along.

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Ad Products & Strategies

Augmented Reality

App Advertisers focused on user acquisition or app installs can now optimize their Lens campaigns towards installs as their primary KPI.

They can set a desired cost-per-install bid, and the system will work towards achieving the desired results. This represents a complete performance stack for user acquisition with Lenses: measurement, targeting, ad formats, and optimization.


To move to the next stage after user acquisition, which is user retention – not losing the acquired user, Snapchat has introduced a new objective called ‘App Conversions’.

In this campaign flow, advertisers will find an improved deep link ad format to elicit more engagement, the ability to create custom audiences based on the actions they take in-app, and new goal-based bidding options so advertisers can optimize towards repeat actions, such as Opens and Purchases (and is supported by MMPs). This feature will be available in early December.

Minimum ROAS

Minimum ROAS is a newly introduced bid strategy that enables advertisers to reach the highest spending users on the Snapchat platform by setting a specific return-on-ad-spend.