Social Media Campaigns Round Up ft. HP, Facebook, Unacademy & more


Here’s to another week of some best campaigns that were rolled out along with some in-depth editorial pieces by Social Samosa.

Social Samosa’s weekly digital marketing and social media campaigns roundup this week features HP’s festive campaign, Facebook’s Move Together stance, CamPure’s take on Mirzapur, Diwali brand campaigns 2020, and more.


Pepsi extends #HarGhoontMeinSwag with IPL campaign

Pepsi has unveiled a new digital campaign as a tribute to India’s most loved sport, asking fans to enjoy the drink while they watch their favorite sport. Read more here.

Star Gold leverages B-Town for Dekh Ke Chalo campaign

By editing iconic Bollywood scenes, Star Gold campaign highlights the importance of social distancing norms that one must follow in the current scenario. Read more here.

Unacademy bridges cricket with learning in a fun campaign

As a part of their IPL marketing strategy, Unacademy’s Cracking the Game campaign is all about making studying as fun as cricket. Read more here.

Post influencer campaign, McDonald’s brings back Chicken McGrill in few markets

An influencer campaign and a round of petition signings later, Chicken McGrill has been brought back on the menu of McDonald’s North & East restaurants. Read more here.

iD Fresh Food’s #MadeWithLove salutes the spirit of doctors during COVID-19

As part of its #MadeWithLove campaign, iD Fresh Food dedicated the film to frontline healthcare workers, particularly doctors who are also mothers and continue to fight the deadly coronavirus outbreak amidst challenging times. Read more here.

Araldite ups the quirk quotient this Diwali ft. Vishnu Kaushal

Out with the cliche, in with the quirk – Araldite’s witty Diwali campaign resonates with the millennials who have learned to celebrate their middle-classness. Read more here.

CamPure leverages product placement in Mirzapur for social media content

Product feature in a Mirzapur episode helps CamPure extend their ongoing campaign’s narrative of how camphor helps people calm down, in the OTT world. Read more here.

Facebook innovates with Baba Ka Dabha phenomenon in short film campaign

With the new campaign, Facebook has attempted to pay homage to the insurmountable spirit of the people and the good they can enable by coming together. Read more here.

Child’s POV in new HP campaign encourages Diwali shopping at local businesses

Conceptualized by Autumn Grey & Utopians, the HP campaign for Diwali 2020 highlights the role of accessible technology products in creating a lasting impact. Read more here.

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