Twitter launches ArtHouse helping brands create Twitter-first content

Twitter ArtHouse

To enhance brand communications on the platform, Twitter India is introducing ArtHouse – a creative suite of services to assist brands in creating and optimizing Twitter-first content. 

Twitter ArtHouse is an integrated service that connects brands with influencers, artists, and editors, a team who understand the platform and its possibilities, know Twitter’s audience and what works best for them – whether it’s a video ad or a larger campaign. 

Twitter mentions that the most important thing for brands today, when they’re competing for people’s attention, is to connect with its audiences, and in order to do that it is critical that a brand’s messaging resonates with who they’re trying to reach. 

The services offered by ArtHouse can be broadly categorized into three kinds:  

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  • Creator Influence and Artistry – By partnering with digital creators or influencers, ArtHouse intends to strengthen a brand’s message by borrowing a voice to create videos, illustrations, or graphics that relate to their audiences.
  • Video Editing and Optimisation – ArtHouse would enable brands to upgrade their existing creative assets by optimizing them for Twitter.
  • Live Brand Studio – ArtHouse can also work with brands to broadcast and maximize the reach of their events (such as a product launch, fashion show, or concert), by bringing them live to Twitter to drive conversations on the service.

ArtHouse has already delivered several campaigns in other markets across the globe, and closer to home in the Asia-Pacific region. In India, the team will partner with local agencies and brands to collaborate with influencers and artists to unlock their creative capabilities and tie them with the brand’s messaging and goals. 

Manish Maheshwari, Managing Director at Twitter India, said, “Twitter’s premium offerings have made it the go-to place for brands to engage with their audiences, whether that’s to stay connected or launch new products and services. We’ve partnered with the best brands in the country on many successful campaigns over the years. We have learned that creative assets add an edge to every brand’s message, especially on a service like Twitter where there’s so much happening. With ArtHouse, we’re very excited to unlock new possibilities with brands”.