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Dec 16, 2020 10:29 IST
Best Social Media Brands 2020- Main Awards Categories for brands- updated fi

Here’s a look at the Brand categories of Best Social Media Brands 2020. Nominations open now!

In a bid to pay a tribute to the Custodians, Strategists, Planners, and Creative Minds across brands and agencies, Best Social Media Brands 2020 is all about commemorating these digital marketing evangelists. The Brands who are human brands, changing the paradigms in the A & M Industry- now is the time to take the throne.

As we brace forward to bring to you the fourth edition of SAMMIE-BSMB across a unified platform to recognize and celebrate the brands, we unveil to you the Brand Categories at the momentous event. The SAMMIE award will be given to 20 Main (Brand) categories, 16 Special (Campaign) Categories, and 6 Individual (Marketing Achievers) Category.

The year 2020 has been an unprecedented period for people and brands across sectors in the industry. But many stood out with their humane and approachable tactics to constantly help consumers and go beyond a buyer-seller relationship. If you are such a brand that challenged the norms, take a look at the 20 Main (Brand) Categories at Best Social Media Brands 2020 and nominate yourself for the suited category now.

Automobile - 2 Wheeler/4 Wheeler

This category is dedicated to the automobile brands that braced through the pandemic woes and stood out with out-of-the-box solutions leveraging social media and more.

Beauty - Cosmetics/Salons

Are you a brand that has gone beyond sales and provided solutions to the customers for beauty and treatment during these testing times? This is the category for you to shine.

BFSI - Banking/Financial Services/Insurance

This is a category for the BFSI brands that evolved with changing dynamics with brand campaigns, standing out as a companion to the customers, helping them in their purchase journey.

Consumer Electronics - Consumer Durables/Computers & IT/Mobile

The category is dedicated to the heart of many solutions during COVID-19. Smartphones, computers and other gadgets proved to be like saviors to people across the world. Are you a brand who stood out in the sector with social media campaigns beyond a relationship of just a buyer and a seller, then this is the category for you.


If you are a brand that conquered social media with latest trends of the virtual to impart knowledge and relentless support for education, then nominate yourself in this category.

Entertainment - Events & Ips

This is a category that was quite impacted during the lockdown days. Are you a brand that leveraged latest trends on social media to entertain people through events and Ips? Then this is the category for you.

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Fashion - Apparel/Footwear/Accessories/Jewellery

Are you a brand that satiated the fashionistas, who yearned for change and innovation? Then nominate yourself in this category.

FMCG – Food/Beverages/Personal Care/Household Goods

This category is dedicated to campaigns that showcased humane behavior for everyday needs of the people through social media.

Healthcare - Fitness/Hospitals/Pharma

Be it providing unconditional services to people as frontline warriors or providing them with necessary aids for pharma products, if you are a brand that went beyond their services for Healthcare and Fitness in 2020, then this is the category for you.

Home & Living - Paints/Furniture & Decor/ Lights & Electricals

COVID-19 might have brought many challenges but it also united families and brought togetherness across demographics, in some instances. This category belongs to the brands that helped people enhance their Home and Living through Decors, Paints, etc.

Hospitality - QSR/Fine Dine,Bars & Pubs/Hotels

Are you brand that provided services with utmost care, adhering to safety precautions and more, to bring a smile to the customers? This is the category for you.

Infrastructure - Cement/Steel

This category belongs to the brands that formed the foundation of Real Estate and other industries and stood tall amidst varied challenges.

Media - News/Publishers/TV Channels/OTTs/Radio/Digital

Are you a media channel that helped people stay abreast with the happenings around the world and formed a companionship for their daily dose of news and awareness? Then this is the category for you.


If you are a warrior, that helped immediate causes and people in need with unconditional support and care as a Non-Government Organization, then nominate yourself in this category.

Real Estate

The sector might have been impacted in the initial days, but it showed that sometimes brands are also about being humane and unconditional care. Are you a brand that etched a mark in the hearts of the consumers with their campaigns in the Real Estate sector? Nominate in this category

Retail - Offline/E-commerce

Are you an e-commerce or an offline retail brand that provided the heart of the solutions for delivery of products and more with awareness, and other social media campaigns? Nominate in this category.


If you are a sports brand that embraced the latest trends of social media to bring Live entertainment to people and more, then nominate in this category.

Technology - Apps/B2B

This category is dedicated to the tech brands that remained like a backbone for the daily livelihoods for people in terms of varied solutions and services.


Connecting people beyond physical realms! This category belongs to the Telecom brands that stood tall amidst the ongoing pandemic to provide seamless service to the consumers.

Travel - Airlines/OTAs/Services/Tourism Boards

Much to the relief of the wanderlust, Travel might be back but this category will be owned by the brands that took utmost care of the guidelines and safety to take care of people in humane way, showcasing their support through social media.

If your Brand leads the pack on Social Media, it’s about time to shine at the BSMB 2020 and celebrate the year of challenges and learnings.

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To nominate in Individual categories, click here.

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