Case Study: How Weikfield established their custard as THE companion for IPL through celebrity influencers

Weikfield and Whopplr

The case study delves into the Weikfield IPL 2020 campaign that involves Cricketers such as Irrfan Pathan, Cheteshwar Pujara, and more along with the IPL presenters establishing the dessert as the mainstay of all matches.

Here’s a look at how Weikfield IPL 2020 campaign used cricket influencers to introduce new custard flavors and establish the product as a hero.

Category Introduction

India’s food ecosystem offers huge opportunities for investments with stimulating growth in the food retail sector, favorable economic policies, and attractive fiscal incentives. The Government of India through the Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MoFPI) is also taking all necessary steps to boost investments in the food processing industry.

While the industry is channeling its focus on growth opportunities, large players from the value chain are providing paramount quality, global standards of safety, packaging, and delivery.

Brand Introduction

Since 1956, Weikfield has been infusing global flavors and bringing home a variety of food products ranging from corn flour, baking powder and custard powder to even mushrooms, green tea, pasta, and pasta sauces.

Under its umbrella, it has other brands as well: Eco Valley, Chef’s Basket, and St. Dalfour.




The campaign was ideated to leverage around the IPL with Weikfield custard as a fitting companion as viewers watch the matches.

Keeping the cricket season in the backdrop, the campaign focused on highlighting how easy to make the Weikfield custard is and that how absolutely anyone can prepare the dessert. Apart from this, it reiterated how Indians believe in celebrating cricket irrespective of whether they win or lose. Lastly, the campaign aimed at generating organic chatter around the new flavors brought out by the custard-making brand.

Problem Statement/Objective

To introduce new custard flavors in the market and to create conversations around Weikfield custard as the dessert for this IPL season.


The brief of the campaign was to be topical with the cricketing season and create conversations around IPL. The campaign was to break the clutter by getting IPL presenters as well as the cricket players to satiate their cravings for desserts by choosing to prepare their favorite flavor from Weikfield custard on their match-off days.

Creative Idea

The campaign brought forward the very idea of cricketers going ahead and making their favorite Weikfield custard recipes in their kitchen.


The challenge was to break the perception that desserts are extremely difficult and challenging to make. Also, the fact that preparing desserts is a time-consuming process needed to be done away with.

In the process, the campaign highlighted how making the Weikfield custard is an easy-to-do task and anyone can do it.

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The idea was to introduce the new custard flavors during IPL with the celebrity influencers, in this case cricketers playing in the latest season. The whole idea was to talk about how easy-to-make custard is, and highlight the new flavors.

The prime strategy was to get people from the sports ecosystem involved. That too, getting cricketers to make custard in a video setup was like a novelty for the brand and the campaign.  Henceforth, cricketers and IPL-presenters were carefully roped in to showcase the celebratory aspect of making custard, while also highlighting how easy to make it is.

The influencer-outreach campaign included cricketers like Irfan Pathan, Cheteshwar Pujara, Smriti Mandhana were leveraged and IPL presenters like Jatin Sapru, Mayanti Langer, Shibani Dandekar.

The influencers shot a total of 14-15 different ways of making custard on their off days. Many of the presenters were quarantined in their hotel rooms, yet made their favorite custard.

All the videos that were shot made it very clear that absolutely anyone can make the Weikfield custard with ease.


The brand got a total of 32 assets in the span of 20 days wherein content was uploaded during the IPL matches to get maximum traction.

  • Impressions – 6 million+
  • Reach – 4 million+
  • Engagement Rate – 23%


Varun Verma, Asst. brand manager, Weikfield Foods private limited, said, “Whoppl came up with a campaign thought that accurately reflected Weikfield’s role of enlivening little moments around the matchday. We leveraged influencers from the sports industry to amplify this thought and it helped us gather a high engagement number of 23% for the entire campaign.”

Ramya Ramachandran, Founder, Whoppl, said, “Weikfield’s custard is something we’ve all grown up having, and I feel delighted to be working with the team on yet another successful campaign. The clarity in the objective of the team allowed us to get the desired results. We carefully choose influencers who can give us the right traction in synergy with the brand ethos to create this impactful campaign. We leveraged Smriti Mandhana who has the highest engagement in female athletes in India and the views on her video (still growing) crossed the 1M mark.”