Celebrity Brands Season 2: Mithila Palkar – As the Girl-Next-Door became a brand & audience favourite

Mithila Palkar social media celebrity brands

The maiden chapter of Celebrity Brands Season 2, deep-dives into the millennials’ favorite and the girl-next-door. A look at the Mithila Palkar social media strategy – how she created a personal brand that can’t be ignored.

An actor, dance, and singer, this segment of Celebrity Brands Season 2 traces the social media journey of millennial’s favorite – Mithila Palkar. Rising with the digital wave, Palkar became a sensation on social media with a Marathi version of ‘Hi Chaal Turu Turu’ inspired by Hollywood actor Anna Kendrick’s ‘Cup Song’ on YouTube back in 2016.

With the boom of web series on OTT in the same year, Palkar slowly but steadily paved her path in the Marathi film industry and Bollywood.

As the actor’s video crossed millions of views, she understood the ‘Power of the Internet’ quite early on, learning to embrace the ‘randomness’ and carve a niche for herself.

Palkar is also a favorite amongst brands; she is vocal about body shaming, and girls’ safety too. She was quoted saying, “I perpetually get trolled and body shamed,” shared, Mithila Palkar, “People keep posting on social media and say why you don’t eat something. You look so skinny.”

With the actor’s soaring fame, we take a look at her social media journey and why she clicks with the masses, as well as brands.

Mithila Palkar Social Media Footprint

  • Instagram – 2.6 Mn
  • Facebook – 593K
  • YouTube -139K
  • Twitter– 48.1K

Palkar is casual and relatable in her approach – be it with the content she puts on social pages or the brand she endorses.

She is most active on Instagram, followed by Facebook, and Twitter. Palkar even has a significant presence through her YouTube channel with music videos, content collaborations, and more on the platform. The actor has associated with content creators such as FilterCopy and PocketAces for short films and series.

Palkar leverages Twitter for connecting with colleagues, sharing fan moments, and to amplify her Instagram presence by redirecting the users to her account through Tweets.

Owing to the nature of the platform, she often expresses opinions and grave, heart-touching thoughts.

On Instagram, Palkar shares posts that range from being candid to thoughtful.

Facebook is often leveraged for fashion, shoots, BTS, and brand endorsements for the actor.

The captions throughout her posts are mostly in Marathi and English with long and short writeups and just emoticons in some cases. While Twitter mostly consists of crisps and static posts, more than 60 percent of Instagram content is dynamic on her profile. The background on IG mostly revolves around the mood, content, and brand associations.

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Social Media Themes & Trends

Some of the attributes that seem to define brand Mithila Palkar include – casual, fun, spontaneity, enthusiastic, cuteness overload, hardworking yet happy-go-lucky, relatable, positive, and seemingly original in her content and approach.

The prominent hashtags used across her social media profiles are- #StayHomeStaySafe #SingAlongSaturday, #GoCoronaJustBloodyGosEverything #ReelItFeelIt, #QuarantineAndChill #ThroughbackThursday and #GoodMorningToYouToo.

After her debut in 2014, Palkar kickstarted her digital journey with Filtercopy’s News Darshan.

Palkar tasted success with her viral video on singing with cups. But one of the factors that might have helped her with the continued increment in the number of followers, and hence the popularity in the socioverse is relatable posts, in-line with her personality.

She is known to have commenced her journey from ground level to scale heights in today’s day and age. The humbleness that she derives from her personal life permeates on the screen as well as through her brand endorsements and social media posts.

Apart from brand endorsements that resonate with her energetic personality, another trend observed on her social media platform is content collaborations with varied platforms and influencers.

Every Saturday, dedicatedly, Palkar puts up posts that show her singing or dancing, depicting her millennial and artsy side. In the process, she frequently collaborates with influencers such as Prajakta Kohli, amongst many others.

The actor also leveraged her talent for narration and storytelling especially during the lockdown days.

Her social media pages are often swarmed with engaging content about her movies.

Palkar is also a travel buff and posts pictures of beautiful places, she has visited or wants to visit. The actor has also endorsed MakeMyTrip and other travel-related brands, in tandem with this attribute.

To keep her viewers abreast with evolving patterns, Palkar’s social media presence also comprises posts on the latest trends and styles around Fashion.

Another theme observed on her social media profile is love for animals.

One noteworthy pop culture theme leveraged by the actor is memes capturing varied moods to keep her followers engaged.

With the pandemic forcing people to stay indoors, Palkar continued to undertake initiatives along with engaging the audience with activities, either through brand collabs or by supporting colleagues.

Mithila even follows a fitness regime and urges others to exercise regularly for a healthy life.

Brand Endorsements

The combination of aspiration, ambition, a go-getter attitude capped with honesty and humbleness, have led her to work with an array of brands in the past.

Be it Palkar’s early stint with ads for Maggi and Hike to now being the face of Joy, Livon, Mia by Tanishq, and Cadbury, to name a few – the actor certainly seems to have become brands’ favorite.

Elaborating on the campaign and association with Mithila Palkar, Shyamala Ramanan, Business Head, Mia by Tanishq, explained, “She’s someone who cares for the world around her, doesn’t let age or conventional standards of beauty define her, and would do anything for her dearest friends – even the four-legged ones! All these facets and more come through in the campaign, with Mithila Palkar.”

Touted to be synonymous with new-age content and youth-icon, Palkar surely seems to represent many attributes of a modern woman combined with the traditional beauty and culture of the nation.

Poulomi Roy, Chief Marketing Officer, RSH Global, on roping in Palkar for Joy, said, “New age content has been hailed by the youth of the country and Mithila Palkar has become synonymous with the new age content. She has nationwide popularity and that’s what mattered when we signed her for the brand. She has a great influence over the youth and we believe that she will bring a fresh youthful vibe to Joy and the sunscreen category. We are confident that the youth will be able to connect with our brand and the campaign story.”


Great Learnings

Mia by Tanishq

Joy India

On Social Media – Celeb Speaks

With popularity comes responsibility, believes the actor. In a bid to adhere to authentic content, Mithila Palkar’s social media showcases the actor putting brand posts and content collabs in tandem to her brand.

However, Palkar shares that as the numbers grow on social media, there could also be trolls. But it is important to take some things with a ‘pinch of a salt’ and tread forward.

Summing It Up

Mithila Palkar’s tryst with the ‘Little Things’ on digital media has led the star to become a celebrity influencer and a brand in her own right. The optimism, musical-connect, consistent and varied content continues to engage her followers.

Overall, the mass-appeal and youth-connect, the actor garners, seems to help her click all the check-boxes for brands and audience, alike. The Girl Next Door has cultivated a personal brand on social media in line with her real person and that works wonders for her. Mithila Palkar Social Media journey is an ode to being real.