Celebrity Brands – Vikrant Massey – an audience & brands favourite

Vikrant Massey social media strategy

This week in Celebrity Brands we traverse through the actor, brand & influencer that Vikrant Massey is through the lens of his social media journey.

Over the years Vikrant Massey has become a force to reckon with. Right from his entry into television back in 2004 to now being a part of various movies, OTT shows, and ad campaigns – Vikrant Massey’s versatility and talent reflect in his social media strategy as well.

The actor has been breaking stereotypes for the last 15+ years in the industry through his approach towards content and projects, but what makes him different on social media as the celebrity influencer and a brand-in the making? We take a look at Vikrant Massey social media journey.

Vikrant Massey Social Media Footprint

  • Instagram: 786k
  • Twitter: 57.5K
  • Facebook: 28.2K

Vikrant Massey believes that the common man is the hero in real life and he aims to showcase the same on-screen. The glimpses of the down-to-earth and ‘keep it simple’ ideology resonates through his social media presence, as well.

The actor/influencer is most active on Instagram, followed by Twitter and Facebook. Massey leverages Instagram for varied uses – from promoting his films and content series to connecting with the fans.

Massey interacts with governing bodies, public figures, and more through Twitter. He utilizes the social media channel for topicals, voices his opinions, and participate in the ongoing conversations.

The actor is often seen sharing memes associated with his upcoming content releases.

Massey also uses Twitter to spread awareness about issues such as precautions to take against COVID-19 and retweets posts on hope and inspiration.

The captions by the actor include both Hindi & English with trending or associated hashtags.

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Social Media Themes & Trends

The prominent hashtags used across his social media profiles include #FightAgainstCorona #COVID19, #CoronavirusLockdown, #WarAgainstVirus, #TakingOnCorona, Netflix India, #Vikflix, #Shukr, amongst others.

Raised in a matriarchal environment, the actor, producer, and influencer, Massey has been vocal about issues such as gender discrimination and masculinity and often voices his opinions on Twitter on the prevailing circumstances.

Though considered relatively introverted, we can also see glimpses of the actor’s personal life through Instagram where he shares pictures with close ones and friends including appreciation posts for comrades from the industry.

Apart from having produced short films and movie promotions, the actor also leverages social media for humanitarian activities and initiatives. The activities range from the environment to societal issues.

At the beginning of 2020, Massey was amongst the lead ensemble of ‘Chhapaak’ opposite Deepika Padukone, where the movie dealt with acid attack victims’ plight. The actor was quite vocal about the issue throughout social media, as part of the campaigns and opinion posts.

Another noteworthy theme is the actor speaking about government initiatives especially BMC with awareness posts and trending topics across Instagram and Twitter.

Vikrant Massey through social media often revives his old films and content including ads with nostalgic posts.

Philosophy, wit, and sometimes satirical humor seems to shine through Massey’s social media post, where he often shares inspirational and optimistic quotes for his followers.

He has also been vocal about stereotypes, discrimination, and struggles in the film industry through social media for roles. One of the other themes includes leveraging topicals where he shares wishing posts and more for the viewers, on Instagram and Twitter.

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?HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY? . . . #73yearsofindependence ??

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With the ongoing pandemic, OTT is one of the most integral, go-to mediums for entertainment and content consumption. Vikrant Massey seems to be spread across OTT platforms, having featured in multiple series and movies across Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Disney+Hotstar.

Brand Journey

Touted to be Netflix’s new Massey-iah, and possibly rewriting the rulebooks by appearing in diverse content formats, Vikrant Massey is not just known for prominent roles across OTT, short films, television, and movies but is a favorite amongst brands, too.

Be it portraying the role of a common man and cartoonist in Nescafe ads to a romantic in Cornetto with Alia Bhatt, the actor brings charm packed with powerful acting. As an influencer, Massey is roped by many brands where he dishes out a personal element, fun, and candidness to the promo posts such as the JohnyWalker India influencer campaign.

The rising popularity of the star even made Netflix ask the viewers if Massey is the new Radhika Apte of the platform.

With the ongoing pandemic, we observe an increase in the plethora of influencer outreach initiatives starring the actor. This includes Centre fresh, Durex Ad, UpGrad, amongst others.

Another factor is merging is personal attributes with the brands chosen for advertisements.



Axis Bank

Centre Fresh

Urban Company


On Social Media – Celeb Speaks

While the actor is quite active on Instagram, he finds Twitter wild owing to the trending hashtags and controversies surrounding the platform.

He expresses, “Today we are hiring actors who are popular on Instagram. It has happened in front of me that a few talented actors have been rejected work because they don’t have the Instagram following.

The actor considers social media a relevant tool but also concedes that demeriting credit or talent because you have fewer social media followers, is not a very appropriate thing to do.

Summing it Up

Throughout Vikrant Massey’s social media strategy, we see relatable attributes of the actor resonating through his social media presence, amalgamated into his brand advertisements, personal branding, and influencer journey.