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A guide by AliveNow explains how brands can make the most of hyper-casual games to engage with potential customers for building brand recall and engagement.

Gamification helps convert marketing messages into experiences that have a much better chance of staying with consumers for a long period of time. For marketers, hyper-casual games are an asset that can be deployed in existing as well as new distribution channels to improve performance, time spent and the ability to re-target users. 

Among the options for brands to choose from include, Newsfeed SmartApps, Swipe Up Games, Augmented Reality Games, Facebook Playable Ads, and In-App Gaming Modules. These five categories are where brands can gamify their messaging to nudge people to participate, experience and share it with others, organically. 

Usually, with hyper-casual games, users are rewarded for participation, which leads to further engagement. These can be intrinsic or extrinsic, depending on the goals of the marketing communication

Brands can use these games to inculcate the kind of values they want customers to associate with them, such as satisfaction or pride. They can also use these to run campaigns that offer a range of discounts depending on performance, leading to eventual sales. 

The usage of such hyper-casual games would depend on the category the brand belongs. The needs of an FMCG brand would be very different from that of an electronic giant. It is thus important to have a comprehensive strategy, where such games are used to drive results. 

To understand more about hyper-casual games, download the AliveNow guide here: 

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