Facebook launches website to aid brands in creating a social impact

Facebook social

The new Facebook website is essentially a hub of resources and tools to assist businesses to use their abilities for social good and create a better impact on society.

The Facebook website for social good has been designed to support brands in building and using their community to create a positive impact, build brand awareness, and sell products with a purpose, and promote causes that are relevant to the brand.

The resources from the new website include reports such as ‘State Of Small Business’ that comprises data generated from surveys of SMB owners, managers, and employees. Brands can find out the kind of challenges they face, and aid them with the needful.

Webinars, articles, social impact tools for nonprofits and similar resources are also available on the website.

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Associating with a cause, fulfilling corporate social responsibility, or executing an initiative can differ for each brand. The company can pick a cause relevant to it or can expedite better, the scale of the initiative can also be moderate as per one’s range.

Working towards social good and creating a positive impact on society would help a cause, but it also benefits the brand.

Younger generations are more inclined to purpose-driven brands, and brands associating itself to a cause, it also impacts the likelihood of the brand, with shoppers being encouraged to buy their products.