This bizarre RC Cola campaign has fizzed up & blown with engagement

RC Cola campaign

Standing out in the cola industry is not easy when major players have the lion’s share, and offerings are restrained with specific ingredients. But RC Cola has managed to do it with their new campaign named Family.

Human emotions, as few as they are, have all been triggered by ad campaigns. They have made a viewer laugh, cry, feel sorrow, and more, but a campaign that has left them shocked or confused has been rare. Family by RC Cola is one of those.

Although, it certainly is a sure-fire way to get the campaign widely shared and viewed and gain momentous organic engagement by getting the viewer to talk about it in their daily conversations with everyone.

Family goes from coming off as an emotional drama in the first few seconds with a concept that has been overdone in old movies, to shocking the viewer with a bizarre reveal and upping the ante of being an outlandish narrative in the last few seconds.

Whether the viewer is confused, surprised, disturbed, or stupefied, whatever they feel they would not forget seeing what they saw, even if they don’t believe their eyes.

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It is also not one of those campaigns, where the viewer doesn’t remember the product, even if they remember the campaign, as the product turns the narrative upside down.

The campaign has been conceptualized by Gigil, an agency based in Philipines, written by Dionie Tañada, Associate Creative Director, Gigil. The idea was pitched with a few presentations taking the client through the thinking process and insights, and then a storyboard.

The agency’s previous campaigns that follow a similar hilarious note and have been successful, played a helping hand in convincing the client with going forward with the campaign.

The campaign was pitched in the last quarter of 2019 and was shot in March 2020, around before the time the lockdown was initiated. It was targeted at Gen-Z, and while the advert doesn’t make sense in theory it has worked very well for the target audience.

There have been several interpretations of the campaign, several revolving around familial bonds. Few believe it’s about the notion ‘no matter what, the family accepts you as you are’, ‘bloodlines don’t define a bond’, ‘no matter how weird, you always belong somewhere’, and many more.

What is your interpretation?