Google partners with Snapchat for Year in Search report

Paawan Sunam
New Update
Year in Search

To make the Year in Search 2020 report an interactive AR experience Google has partnered with Snapchat and launched a new lens.

Year in Search 2020 is a look into the most searched for topics worldwide, giving a glimpse into the subjects that users were most interested in and formed dominating trends.

The Snapchat lens transforms one's surroundings with hoarding-like cards that show the dominating or novel search trends such as 'In June 2020, how to be anti-racist was searched more than how to be a millionaire', and sourdough bread being more searched than banana bread.

Google Trends mirror the state of mind of the consumers and recap the impactful events and changes in the year. Such as how to work from home with kids was searched ten times more in 2020 than in 2019.

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This is also the first time Google's Year in Search has been showcased in AR and debuted on Snapchat. Google will also run the Year in Search as ads, and this is the first time the program has been featured as a vertical video on the platform.

Branded lenses on Snapchat have peaked this year, with several brands launching an augmented reality experience that replicates experiences such as one of a physical outlet or provides a newly developed one such as AR try-on.

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