Instagram Reels now support shopping

Instagram Reels shopping

Instagram Reels can now feature products with shoppable tags through which users will be redirected to the shopping tab, where they can find product info and continue the purchase.

Along with the caption, users on Instagram would now also see a ‘View Product’ option while viewing Reels, which would show the product(s) featured in the video, and the users can carry on shopping.


The feature is a fusion of shopping and Reels, the two features that Instagram has been pushing with several updates. The most recent being two dedicated tabs for Reels and Shop (individually) that led to the change in the UI of Instagram. Instagram faced enormous backlash for the update, with several users leaning on uninstalling the app.

The new update would expectantly enable more conversions for brands, and additionally it would not distort the user experience while pushing Reels and Shopping both.

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We are already aware of the applications of the update since several brands have run TikTok campaigns focussing on driving brand and product awareness through short-format videos.

The update would also lead to more brand and creator collaborations, and campaigns that are less informative and more entertaining a scheme that works with short videos.

It would also give a headstart to UGC campaigns, that have soared during the pandemic and more interactive campaigns such as hashtag challenges.

We have observed several brands tapping the short video format, and it has been applicable for all industries, given the video campaign sticks to its brand image and tonality, and the product integration is efficient.

Shopping on Reels would particularly be uncomplicated for clothing, cosmetics, decor, and more of such brands as the kind of content the brands would be tapping which is make-up tutorials, DIY decoration, clothing hacks and more, is already popular.