LinkedIn introduces Product Page to improve products’ visibility

LinkedIn Product Page

LinkedIn Product Page is a tab on LinkedIn Pages designed to highlight a company’s products by harnessing the power of community and promotional activities.

LinkedIn Product Page will enable marketers to underline product endorsements, customer testimonials, ratings, and reviews to drive awareness about the products and conversions.

The tab is dedicated to make itself a one-stop destination for anyone looking for products and researching them. A consumer would find product experiences, answers to their questions, and conversations related to the products.

A marketer can muster experts, and enthusiasts, to incline potential consumers towards the brand and increase the consideration factor. The tab facilitates bottom-funnel marketing, connecting prospects to experts, and harnessing customer advocacy.

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The custom call-to-action button with six options for different actions, such as a demo request or contact sales form would also help in filtering and generating leads. The options for CTA buttons include Download now, Get started, Request demo, Try now, Contact us, and Learn more.

Marketers can share a brief overview or description of the product, feature them with media like videos or product screenshots, and images.

Companies can showcase the capabilities of the product by using the voice of the customers, a few of the most influential voices, and the breadth of the consumers, range the products can cater to.


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