The curious case of Monolith brand creatives

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Monolith brand creatives

As conversations around the disappearing Monolith grew, several brand creatives cropped up online, leveraging the topical trend with unique narratives.

Even as scientific communities rack their brands over the disappearing monoliths of Utah and Romania, brand creatives have cropped up all over social media, joining the conversations around them. Most of the participating businesses presented a unique representation of the metal chunk, in sync with their individual brand communication styles.

While Jeep turned it into a gas station, Tinder talked about loneliness, McDonald's turned it into a space to order food, Housejoy and Durex played on the aspect of disappearing objects and linked it to the reduction of stains and invisible condom products respectively. scribbled names over the Monolith to represent affection of lovers who carve their names over objects in public spaces.

Here are some of the best Monolith-themed brand creatives.



Tinder India




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Luxor India


Durex India

Swiggy India

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