Reddit partners with Oracle Data Cloud to provide transparency on ad reach & awareness

Paawan Sunam
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Reddit ads

The primary objective of the association between Reddit and Oracle Data Cloud is to provide third-party verification around views and engagement metrics of Reddit ads to brands.

The viewability measurement collaboration with Moat by Oracle Data Cloud will provide an independent report on the viewability and reach of Reddit ads. Currently, in the alpha phase of testing with limited partners, the server-to-server integration will be available broadly in early 2021.

Advertisers can contact Reddit to enable access to reporting options with Moat for their campaigns.

The custom-built integration with Moat will complement the collaboration with Oracle Data Cloud that began in September to enable more advertiser control over individual brand safety requirements via a new Limited Inventory tier.

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The unification with Moat aims to deliver comprehensive and relevant campaign performance metrics and accuracy around Reddit ad viewability.

The metrics would be designed to provide brands and advertisers an understanding of the impact of their campaigns, so they are able to improve the efficiency of their Reddit campaigns to gain maximum awareness and reach.

The independent and third-party reporting by Moat will be an addition to the already available performance metrics in Reddit's dashboard.

Advertisers who already function with Moat will be able to access their Reddit data on the Moat dashboard. Reddit will also provide Moat reports to advertisers who do not have a working relationship with Moat but would want an additional layer of reporting.

Advertisers who have an existing relationship with Moat will be able to access their Reddit data via their own Moat dashboard. Reddit will provide Moat reports to advertisers who do not have an existing relationship but would still like access to this additional layer of reporting.

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