#SocialThrowback: Global COVID-19 Campaigns that left a footprint

global COVID-19 campaigns

Social Samosa presents global campaigns that efficiently used minimized resources and optimum creativity to endure the novel impact of COVID-19.

All global geographies were essentially going through the same turmoil. Brands and agencies around the world followed a single theme predominantly, but the varied outlooks and contrasting creative inspirations resulted in a diverse mix of COVID-19 campaigns.

Few of the indirect effects of the pandemic were unique to each country, but several such as a spike in domestic violence, increased abuse against the LGBTQIA+ community, impact on small businesses, growing mental health issues, and more were observed to be a prevalent theme around the world.

As several demographics were severely and directly hit by the pandemic, sharing resources, spreading positivity, and looking out for each other was a subject that the majority of the brands and agencies tapped.

With containment measures in place, outdoor productions, with conventional equipment was not an option. Remote collaborations through video-conferencing, necessary equipment being dropped at the cast’s homes, and directions given through calls, were executed for shot at home campaigns.

Brands and agencies also conceived new formats and found ingenious ways to amplify communications. Voiceovers, new forms of editing, masked narratives, and more of such dispositions were exhibited.

Take a look around the world.

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#DOgood – Prudential Singapore (Singapore)

No Mask For Mental Health – Laura Hyde Foundation (United Kingdom)

Locked Down And Out – LGBT Foundation (United Kingdom)

Creature Discomforts: Life in Lockdown – Born Free Foundation (United Kingdom)

#ChooseToGive – Carousell (Singapore)

Roadblock – King Price (South Africa)

Coming Out – Egale Canada Human Rights Trust (Canada)

#GrabForGood – Grab Singapore (Singapore)

We’ve Sped Up Your Internet – Telekom (Slovakia)

#HomeIsntSafe – Ni Putes Ni Soumises (France)

Sounds Of Safety – McDonald’s UAE (UAE)

Till We Fly Again – Cathay Pacific (Hong Kong)

#RayaStyleLain – Vivo Malaysia (Malaysia)

Conscience – Thai Health Promotion Foundation (Thailand)

Bacardi USA – Roommates (USA)

A Gift of Love – Ensure (UAE)

Fight the Virus. Fight the Bias. – Ad Council (USA)

Stay – ProBalance (Malaysia)

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