Thums Up builds a post-apocalyptic world for new ad ft. Ranveer Singh & Mahesh Babu

Thums Up ad

Venturing into the sci-fi-horror genre, the new Thums Up ad attempts to depict that even when people are gone, the production of the beverage shall continue.

In a world where only two men are left standing, a Thums Up factory continues to run, albeit filled with zombies. When Ranveer Singh and Mahesh Babu try to get access to the beverage being produced, they are attacked by the said zombies, the consequence being a fight sequence in the new Thums Up ad. The two eventually get to drink their preferred beverage and the brand continues to make its legacy of making the protagonists earn the bottle in a campaign film.

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Two more spots have also been released under the campaign, each with Ranveer Singh and Mahesh Babu. Though the storylines are different, they both put the protagonists in difficult situations, sending them off on adventures.

While Singh’s spot has been released in Hindi, Babu’s spot is targeted towards the Telugu-speaking market. The hashtag being used for the former is #ChargedWithThumsUp and the latter is being promoted using #ToofanuUddeshalu. #TasteTheThunder continues to the key hashtag for the brand’s communication online.

On the day of the campaign release, #LastMenStanding was advertised on Twitter through a promoted trend, with the star cast of the campaign sharing the ad on Twitter.