World AIDS Day brand creatives inject affection & awareness

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World AIDS Day brand creatives

Brand creatives tie the red ribbon to their communication today, expressing unanimity with the infected but against the infection, this World AIDS Day.

World AIDS Day, one of the eleven official global public health campaigns marked by the World Health Organization (WHO), a day dedicated to raising awareness against the AIDS pandemic, and mourn the loss of lives lost, is being assisted with brand creatives.

The day primarily observed several condom brands putting out creative communication subjected around the infectious disease, as the day holds higher relevance to them.

Manforce conveys solidarity with its competition to signify the importance of the use of protection while indulging in sexual intercourse.

Durex turns the spotlight on traits that may not be highlighted, pointing out the fact that an infected person may show no signs or symptoms, or be unidentifiable, therefore #NeverForget to cover up.

Mirchi & Fortis Healthcare remind us of the virus that has been a part of the "old normal", and while it's important to continue preventive measures against the new virus, it is also significant to not forget the old one.

Kolkata Knight Riders wash off the stigma that stains every infected individual, the stigma that results in moral policing of the individual, reduces job opportunities, and housing options, or being disowned by the family.

More brand creatives immunize against ignorance & indifference.

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