President Biden’s bagel stop gives Call Your Mother deli major marketing boost

Biden Call Your Mother

Making the most of the sudden attention they were getting on social media, Call Your Mother engaged with people to keep conversations flowing around the Biden visit.

On his trip around the neighbourhood on January 24, President Biden stopped at a local deli — Call Your Mother. It translated in them trending on social media as well as witness an increase in footfall and sales. The eatery made the most of the attention by engaging with people on Twitter and basking in the glory of all the marketing boost they were experiencing.

The gesture is expected to help the Food & Beverages industry, which has been one of the worst-hit due to the impact of COVID-19.

President Biden’s order, which was placed by the Secret Service, helped the deli to trend on Twitter — under Politics! While some were appreciating his efforts to support local businesses, others began debating whether or not bagels should be toasted. Past customers of the deli shared about their favourite picks, prompting more people to join in conversations.

On their part, the deli participated and promoted these conversations, engaging with people and inviting them over for a bagel.

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According to The Washington Post, the impact of the President’s order was immediate and significant, not just in social media buzz but also in next-day sales. “Sales at the Georgetown store were 100 per cent above those of a typical Monday,” Andrew Dana, co-founder and owner of Call Your Mother told the paper, adding that the impact was even felt at the chain’s two other bricks-and-mortar locations, in Park View and Capitol Hill as both saw Monday sales jump 33 per cent.

Clearly, buying a bagel can go a long way — especially if you are the newly elected President of the United States!