Brand creatives throw a (green) light on the WhatsApp privacy issue

WhatsApp creatives

Here are the brand creatives summoned by the signal calling attention to the privacy concerns of WhatsApp users.

The newly introduced WhatsApp privacy policy has been a hot topic of discussion on social media since it was announced. It has been heavily criticized by users, organizations, and influential personalities, and now brand creatives are tapping this topical wave.

The significant factor for disapproval has been the part of the policy wherein WhatsApp states user data would be shared with Facebook companies. Accepting the policy would be mandatory for users from the time it is effective.

With punny brand and product integrations, and a satirical take on the subject, brands make the most of the widely discussed topic to be a part of the social conversation.

The topic has also triggered a series of occurunces. Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT), the apex body of the Trading Community of India has requested a ban on WhatsApp & Facebook in India.

Messaging apps such as Signal, Session, Telegram, and Viber are making the most of this opportunity with marketing campaigns and activities.

Brands grip the concern of social media users with astute posts. Amul India boasts the slices of bread always guarding their butter, ACKO Insurance revamps the infamous Bat Signal (not that bat), Manforce integrates the ultimate protection, and Dunzo paves the way for safer deliveries.

More brands express their opinions.

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Amul India

ACKO Insurance

Manforce Condoms



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Mumbai Police

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