Case Study: How BGauss executed hyper-local targetting through micro-influencers for Diwali campaign

BGauss Diwali campaign

For its Diwali campaign, BGauss leveraged micro-influencers through a contest. The case study explains how BGauss drives engagement in phases through the initiative creating buzz around its brand on Diwali.

Tapping on to the celebrations of Diwali, BGauss launched a contest campaign, #BGaussDiwaliKiSawaari. The activity revolved around micro-influencers using the BGauss Instagram filter to promote the initiative among the target audience.

Category Introduction

BGauss is an electric scooter brand, an arm of RR Global a group trusted for more than 35 years. RR Global is an 800-million-dollar corporation that was set up in 1986. It has its headquarters in Mumbai and has 10 operating companies and 28 marketing offices across the country.

The company made a venture into the electric vehicles segment and further plans to enhance lifestyle and conserve the environment making the future of mobility electric.

Brand Introduction

A range of premium electric automobiles BGauss is a dynamic and affordable brand that aims to focus on cutting edge technology.

Being technology-driven, the brand also aims to provide innovation and the good customer experience with low maintenance, power and quick charging.


Along with being the festival of lights, Diwali is a festival that’s all about the joy of giving and receiving. This year BGauss celebrated Diwali with the campaign –  #DiwaliKiSawaari.

The campaign revolved around a contest where the audience was asked who would they take with them in their #DiwaliKiSawaari to carry out their Diwali preparations. To spread awareness about the campaign micro-influencers posted a static image with a BGauss filter answering the contest question in their captions.  

Problem Statement/Objective

The objective of the campaign was to enable the brand to tap into the Diwali festivities and create more awareness and engagement regarding the brand. The ultimate goal was to attract a larger audience from the target group to the brand’s social media pages.


Since the year 2020 saw many ups & downs and many festivals passed without any celebrations, the brief for the Diwali campaign was to create and spread the joy of festivities through the brand’s social media pages. The objective was to magnify the celebrations for the audience.

Creative Idea

The creative idea was to introduce 3 phases in the #DiwaliKiSawaari campaign – the teaser phase, introducing the contest phase, and the influencer tie-up phase to drive engagement on the brand’s social media pages.


For the Diwali campaign, one of the challenges faced by the agency was finding the right micro-influencer for each city. Choosing an influencer who is compatible with the brand’s personality is inherent to an influencer-based campaign.

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In the teaser phase, the team established a theme for the campaign while also hinting at the incentive that was in store for the followers.

The contest was introduced on all social media platforms with the announcement of the incentive along with the steps to participate in the contest.

To ensure the campaign trickled down to each and every city where BGauss spread its wings through various influencers from the digital space who resonate with the brand.

Each influencer posted a static image on their social media platform with the BGauss Diwali filter and talked about the number of errands they are yet to run as a response to the contest question.



Overall, the campaign received an effective quantitative response and gathered 3 Lakh + impressions, 41K engagements & 254K reach in just 3 days during Diwali.


  • In terms of qualitative with a standard budget across all demographics, the campaign received the most recall in Hyderabad.
  • The campaign created consistent engagement through all cities with Navi Mumbai and Panvel being the highest.

CMO Quotes

Commenting on the campaign, Priyanka Kabra, Brand Director, BGauss said, “This year, the moods are many, sentiments are strong and everyone is looking for light and celebration to break the period of gloom, but in a way that makes them happy.  Some want to stay at home, some want to step out. We are happy to directly connect with people and know their way of celebrating by giving them the smoothest ride they deserve.”