Case study: How Cinthol ‘s online travel community enabled the brand’s content campaign

Cinthol Alive Adventures

The case study explores how Cinthol leveraged influencers on social media to give a push to its UGC campaign, Cinthol Alive Adventures for a bank of interactive content.

Cinthol ‘s Alive Adventures campaign unfolded in 5 stages with a community of 16 influencers, garnering 56 million impressions for the UGC campaign.

Category Introduction

The size of the category is INR 20,000 cr. It is a mature category with 100% penetration.

Brand Introduction

Cinthol is a brand under the Godrej Consumer Products Limited portfolio that aims to stand for adventure and exploring life. It intends to make its consumers feel alive and awesome through the freshness of its products and personality.


The brand realized that as travel in this year became more and more of a distant dream, most of the population was experiencing was a strong yearning to relive the travels and adventures of yesteryears. There was also a strong desire to vicariously feel the thrill that a new adventure or a new exploration promises to offer. This led to Cinthol creating a travel community – which brings together people who love travel & adventure.

In line with the brand philosophy, this community is called #CintholAwesomeExplorers. While kick-starting the community, the brand announced #CintholAliveAdventures, a UGC digital campaign offering people a chance to relive the past adventurous experiences and get rewarded with Virtual Reality (VR) headsets.

People were encouraged to share videos or photos of their most alive adventures from the past using #CintholAliveAdventures. This initiative went live in October across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages of Cinthol and concluded in November 2020.

Problem Statement/Objective

The brand’s objective was to create a space for people who love travel and adventure, to come together and share their stories. This would help them escape reality, relive their most awesome moments and fulfill the desire to experience the thrill of traveling again.


The brief given to the team was to build a campaign that brings back the joy of adventures and makes people feel alive, at a time where everyone is stuck in a monotony. The aim was to make people escape reality by virtually experiencing their past adventures and getting a boost of much-needed freshness.

Creative Idea

To re-introduce the brand manifesto of ‘Alive is awesome’ using tantalizing imagery of a life pre-covid, where the thrill and rush of adventure made moments feel intensely alive.


To have a sense of community and engage consumers virtually, without any offline meetings or on-ground activations. The challenge was more dynamic considering the brand’s objectives of travel and adventures.

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As part of this campaign, the brand made a list of influencers across various backgrounds who have the spirit of adventure in common. The team went through each of their profiles to make sure they aligned with Cinthol’s spirit and spoke to them about their journey. After a detailed analysis, 16 people were finalised to join the community and share their inspiring stories.

These influencers included Shenaz Treasury, Vishakha Fulsunge, Anunay Sood, Trishita Bhattacharya, Sathyaraj, Harish Kumar, Shramona Poddar, Siddharth Joshi, Satya, candidalouis, Manali Jain, Jees George, Footloose Dev, Wayanadan, Prakriti Varshney, and Srishti Tehri.

With this, the campaign unfolded in 5 phases across social media.

As the first step, the brand re-introduced the ‘Alive is Awesome’ manifesto through teasers on social media.

As a part of the second step, they announced the Cinthol Alive Adventures contest. Instagram was the primary platform for this stage but the campaign was amplified across social platforms including Facebook, Twitter

The third step for the UGC campaign revolved around the influencer push. The participating influencers (16 of them) who were a mix of actors, bikers, photographers, and travelers.

On Instagram, they were each asked to share what makes them feel alive and why are participating in the Alive Adventures contest. They encouraged their followers to participate too, hence amplifying the reach and participation.

The last two steps/phases of the campaign involved contest amplification for getting user-generated content, followed by the winner announcement for the Cinthol Alive Adventures contest. The initiative concluded with a wrap-up video, encapsulating the entire campaign.


  • The brand received 740+ entries for the UGC campaign across India.
  • It reached over 20 million people and garnered 56 million impressions.
  • A total of 15 winners was shortlisted, who shared their adventurous experiences.


Sunil Kataria, CEO – India & SAARC, Godrej Consumer Products Ltd (GCPL), said, “Cinthol is among the iconic brands that we have at Godrej Consumer that enjoys a very strong affinity with its consumers. 2020 has made market innovations happen at a rapid speed, made us reinvent our strategies, shoot campaigns at home, be more agile, and execute new product launches within months. With this new and improved approach, we wanted to come out with something that would make our consumers feel more alive and fresh, after dealing with the toughest year. We launched a digital campaign ‘Cinthol Alive Adventures’ and brought back the alive and awesome feeling that is associated with the brand. The campaign garnered amazing engagement won a lot of appreciation for breaking the mundane routine and providing a burst of freshness and joy.”