Celebrity Brands: Masaba Gupta – A social media strategy as vibrant as her

Masaba Gupta social media strategy

We deep-dive into the Masaba Gupta social media strategy – an influencer, entrepreneur, and now an actor, whose social media presence is marked with innovation, marketing acumen, and transparency.

Fashion designer, social media influencer, body-positive activist, and now an actor – Masaba Gupta is not just a trendsetter but a celebrated brand that attempts to go beyond fashion in her social media footprint.

During the lockdown, like all industries, the fashion segment suffered too, Gupta, however, kept it simple by following the mantra of adapt, adopt, and help the ecosystem. Known to have been a victim of body shaming, racism, trolls, and more, the designer attempts to eradicate these evils and takes up these issues on her social media head-on.

But that’s not all, the new-age designer is known to leverage social media almost like no other. Be it a Fashion show through Instagram, 60% sales through WhatsApp, or simply putting a thought out there, you can trust Masaba Gupta to drive value, business, and commerce based on innovation and purpose.

Masaba Gupta Social Media Footprint

  • Instagram – 1.3 Million
  • Facebook – 29,489
  • Twitter – 1.3 Million

Passionate about whatever she does, the Masaba Gupta social media strategy reflects her belief in transparency. Delicately balancing the thread of being aspirational, affordable, and having ‘something for all’, brand Masaba’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter profiles breathe these attributes to the loyal set of followers.

The entrepreneur leverages Facebook for fashion, brand collabs, Live chats, and important notifications. Twitter as the platform is usually leveraged for formal occasions with a touch of candidness resonating with the persona.

Be it wishing birthdays, retweeting inspiring quotes, or even redirecting users to Instagram, Masaba uses the platform for varied purposes.

She is the most active on Instagram with a dedicated page for her brand – House of Masaba along with her personal profile. Masaba is credited to be one of the first fashion designers to have done fashion shows through Instagram.

Overall, throughout Masaba Gupta’s social media channels, we observe mostly bright hues, which sometimes depict the fashionista’s new collections and sometimes merely the post background. Her captions are mostly long with more than 50% of the Instagram posts as a dynamic that seems to be penned directly from the heart.

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Social Media Trends & Themes

Unapologetic, unconventional, innovative, girl power, entrepreneur, relentless, candid, and bold, are some of the major themes that can be observed across the Masaba Gupta social media journey.

With quirky campaigns such as, ‘Different is good’ and ‘Pyar Kiya Gender Kya’, Gupta has been innovative in her marketing journey.

Through ‘anytime and anywhere’ need-based targeting, Masab often does promotions through other celebrities, collaborations with brands, and even sales through Instagram and WhatsApp. For example, House of Masaba leverages Instagram shopping through which users are redirected to the page of the chosen product.

The actor also leverages Instagram to share personal and candid moments. The endearing conversations with her mom – Neena Gupta, make her pages even more engaging and interesting for the followers.

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Apart from commercial and candid conversations, Gupta follows fitness regimes and skincare routines. She often speaks about body positivity, embracing yourself, and issues such as racism through social media that resonates with her audience, garnering engagement for such posts. With the fashion event done on social media, the designer received appreciation from all corners. Gen Z, hence, seems to adore the celebrity brand for staying comfortable in her skin, oozing confidence to conquer and inspire, and practicing what she preaches.

With the initial lockdown days, as the fashion industry got massively hit, the designer helped brands with eco-friendly, Maskaba cotton masks and even donated them to varied organizations. These masks were promoted through an Instagram filter.

Every season, Masaba launches a theme-based collection and the social media posts follow aligned hues and communications. As the unlock happened, the influencer opened the House of Masaba with caution and the safety measures were spoken about massively on her social media channels.

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The actor supports causes such as the environment. She launched a campaign and clothing line to save the environment against plastic. Apart from standing up for body shaming and racism through her initiatives, Masaba also supports local handlooms.

Voicing her opinions through social media channels is another aspect observed throughout Masaba’s social media presence. Be it speaking out loud about colorism, or photoshopping images to embracing body distortions and loving yourself, the actor is vocal for the ideologies she believes in.

Brand Associations

Apart from the ‘House of Masaba’, Gupta has associated with brands across sectors that include FMCG, Hospitality, BFSI, fashion, and luxury products.

For one of the recent associations with Kurkure in 2020, Masaba designed festive hampers, in line with her vibrant and bold personality. “When you have a strong signature and voice, brand extensions become a natural choice,” she said.

The multi-talented designer launched her beauty brand with Nykaa and a range of perfumes called Moi by Nykaa through virtual platforms.





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On Social Media- Celeb Bytes

As social media became one of the integral commodities of communication, the socioverse also witnessed an increase in cases of trolls. Not new to being the victim of such bullies, how does Masaba tackle the pressure and negativity that might come with it?

She explains that a part of it is to ignore and the other part is to indulge in exchanges that are worth it. “My mantra to deal with trolls is to ignore sometimes and pick the battles worthy enough to fight on social media. I rather conserve my energy for the good fight,” she said.

The designer continues to follow the mantra of embracing oneself as they are, which also resonates through her clothing lines and social media.

Leveraging social media in a 360-degree-manner, she had shared, “Instagram is a great way to reach out to people from any part of the world. We even get orders on Instagram for garments. Instagram also helps me understand the pulse of the youth and what they want!”

To Sum it Up

Fiesty, optimistic, and adaptable, the Masaba Gupta social media journey thrives on authenticity. As an influencer, actor, and fashion designer, one of the most noteworthy elements of the diva’s social media journey is that her thoughts resonate in whatever she does. 

Masaba makes efforts to connect with the GenZ. Be it her brand associations, new labels, business initiatives, or supporting causes, her consistency and marketing acumen transcend geographies and stereotypes. With bright and positive hues, the value-based tactics on her social media pages reflect her personal branding endeavors.