Girl Up campaign packages Kamala Harris’s victory as a message of inspiration for girls

Girl Up campaign

Role models who represent us help us know that we can grow and be in their position too. Girl Up with their new campaign depicts how a female, an Indian, a Black person can believe that they can be the Vice President.

Girl Up, a UN foundation, explains the significance of women in leadership and powerful positions in their new campaign and how the ascent of Kamala Harris increases girls’ believability in their and dreams.

Founded by the United Nations Foundation, Girl Up is a global leadership development initiative. The organization provides leadership training and gives girls tools to become gender equality advocates and activists.

Harris made history by representing two minorities in the US and being elected as the first female, Indian, and Black Vice President of the US. The campaign presenting the iconic moment under the aspirational light has been created in collaboration with Ogilvy and Refinery29.

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Filmed and produced by a volunteer network of photographers and cinematographers, the video was shot across thirty households across the country, edited, and broadcasted within hours of the live event.

Commemorations around the world amongst the South Asian and Black communities have been surfacing, and the US Elections have remained one of the most talked-about topics to date.

Thulasendrapuram, her maternal grandfather’s village has been reveling in joy along with few more places in South India. Decorations, Rangoli portraits of Harris, distribution of sweets, marches on the village streets were all a part of the celebrations.

Kamala Harris, a descendant with ancestral roots to the village, emerged as a symbol of inspiration, as she was being sworn-in as the Vice President of the United States.