Infographic: Mistakes brands should avoid on social media

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Whether you’re a global conglomerate or a local business, mistakes can be made on every step towards reaching the consumer, especially on social media; this infographic highlights the common mistakes and how to avoid them.

In the current social and political climate, sentiments and reactions tend to run amok, especially on social media where every post, tweet, picture, video, or even an emoji is under scrutiny, increasing the chances of social media mistakes or crises.

With the enhanced cognizance of the consumers, the tendency of a strategy not working out n the favor of brand are higher than ever. But this notion can also be used to jack up the efforts of having an efficient social media plan of action.

This is also the age of customization, each consumer wants to be catered as an individual and not the ‘age group’ or the ‘target audience’ they are a part of, which makes it more important to identify a precise target audience and shape the brand communications accordingly.

This infographic by Jason Squires highlights mistakes such as having no brand personality, executing tasks manually, and not harnessing social media automation, and more.

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