Kylie Jenner promotes digital showering for Kohler’s latest campaign

Kohler Kylie Jenner

Kohler’s latest DTV Showering system is being promoted through makeup mogul Kylie Jenner where she can be seen flaunting her bath space on Instagram stories.

Kohler in its recent campaign encourages consumers to “Up your shower game” which includes Kohler’s shower using technology that allows users to set and adjust the temperature. The brand roped in Internet sensation and makeup queen Kylie Jenner to promote the latest bathroom trends where the former can be heard saying how she loves the shower she has.

Kohler’s DTV or digital thermostatic valve (DTV) system controls four elements to give you a true multi-sensory showering experience. Jenner shows everyone how the water pressure is perfect and she loves the shower which she can switch on and off with one single button.

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The video campaign is an attempt to spread awareness about the latest technology in the bathroom space by Kohler. Featuring Kylie Jenner who amasses 200 M plus followers on Instagram gives it another boost to garner more eyeballs across social media.