LinkedIn introduces conversation controls

Paawan Sunam
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LinkedIn controls

LinkedIn has launched post viewability and conversation controls to enable users to restrict a conversation and what they share only to a specific group of connections.

The controls will help users manage how their content gets shared across the LinkedIn platform and who can see and engage with their posts.

Content shared by users can be seen by their connections and the LinkedIn community apart from the connections unless visibility settings have been limited by the user.

Users can set the visibility of a post while creating it, by selecting any of the desired options such as 'Connections Only' 'Group Members', by tapping 'Who can see your post?' that will help the user target only the members or groups that the post would be relevant to.

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Comment Controls that let the users limit people who can comment on their post will also be available while creating a post. A user can restrict the comments to connections or nobody. Post viewability and comment controls can also be changed after the content has been posted.

Additionally, LinkedIn users can also customize their feed by clicking the three dots above each post and clicking 'I don't want to see this', and a new option on the menu lets users mute a member or a Page on their feed whose post might've been engaged with, by a connection, and shown in the feed.

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